If you are a fan of the Amazon Prime series, The Tick, then you might want to perk your antenna up as costumes, masks, and props are headed to the auction block through Heritage Auctions.

The May 27th auction allows you to get your hands on some really cool bits of ephemera.

Spoon! The Tick’s Prime Costumes and Prop Head to Auction!

Behold, The Tick! A nigh invulnerable superhero in a big blue suit who, along with his faithful albeit reluctant sidekick Arthur, assumes the role of protect…

Sweet, sincere, sardonic – Tick creator Ben Edlund’s third (and many believe best) on-screen iteration of the nigh-indestructible blue naïf without a past should have lasted well into the future. Instead, the show set in The City where superheroes are real (and often really funny) lasted but two seasons and 22 episodes from 2016 until 2019 – long enough only to make you want more.

“Things can either be venerated or rot away, and any sustained interest in something like this only means it made a real connection,” Edlund said in advance of the auction. “One of the things about doing this show that was really wonderful was the amazing artists who came together and made all of these ideas into realities. The idea that it’s going to continue to provide enjoyment is for the best.”

129 pieces including a full Tick costume, will certainly look good in your Nerd Room of Doom, and considering the bids have just opened, you can drop a few hundred dollars right now, and feel like a big-shot, until you are inevitably outbid by someone with a lot more money than you will ever see in your lifetime.

Here is just a sampling of the items:

The Tick’s animatronic cowl was worn during the show’s first season by actor Peter Serafinowicz, who is best known for his work in Shaun of the Dead, Spy, Guardians of the Galaxy and as the voice of Darth Maul. The Tick’s danger-sensing and eerily articulated antennae come to life courtesy the batteries and remote control included in the sale. This screen-used prop shows handling, wear and use.

Fans who want the whole big blue shebang can get The Tick’s costume from the pilot episode, which served as viewers’ introduction to what Edlund once called “this blood mixture of comedy and caring.” This is the bulked-up synthetic rubber-and-cloth get-up complete with cowl and gloves worn by Serafinowicz during his introduction to accountant-turned-begrudging sidekick Arthur Everest (played by Griffin Newman). The lucky buyer will finally be able to answer The Tick’s quandary: “Am I never naked … or am I never notnaked?”

That pilot-episode Tick costume is but one of several key series outfits in the auction.

Also available is the Moth costume worn by the hesitant – and traumatized – Arthur, played in the series by Griffin Newman. This indestructible (well, in the series, anyway) super-suit – the object of evil-doers’ illicit desires – provides Arthur’s entrée into the world of crime-fighting and remains the reluctant hero’s outfit during the series’ entire run. It comes complete with hooded grey jumpsuit, leg padding, four pair of gloves, elbow and knee pads, wrist guards and a pair of size-8 shoes. And, of course, there’s his trademark wings-storing backpack – and a fake sword, all in good condition.

Also included in the sale is the Lobstercules costume worn in Season Two by the super-strong humanoid lobster (voiced by Liz Vassey) forced to hold up a bank after villains take her children hostage. The Lobstercules costume includes the mask, cowl, back armor, chest plate, shoulder and bicep pads, body suit, size-14 boots, and, of course, stunt claws.

Available separately is Lobstercules’ animatronic head, the creepy cherry on the top of the most elaborate costume in this entire series. Of course, this animatronic head’s eyes light up, thanks to the included battery packs. There’s also a mask holder engraved “Lobstercules,” such a crusty menace.

Other major highlights from this sale are the villain Overkill’s Season One mask and Season One costume.

Both items were worn by the former sidekick, Flag Five member and AEGIS hero-turned-vigilante obsessed with taking down the criminal known as The Terror. Problem is, Overkill lives up to his moniker: He’s a violent, dark anti-hero – a “robo-ninja” outfitted in cybernetics who, like Arthur, was traumatized by The Terror, who took everything from him.

Overkill’s uniform is in perfect condition, and includes a large muscle suit, a large black bodysuit, the tactical undershirt he wears under his body armor, size-32 black pants, medium black compression pants and other items. It also includes his vest with armor, Overkill’s utility belt and a bandolier fully stocked with ammo.

Overkill’s masks, including one worn during Season Two, are available separately, as is this Season One stunt mask.

Another highly coveted keepsake is the costume worn by Sage The Supernumerary in the fifth episode of Season Two titled “Magic is Real.” Sage is essentially The City’s Doctor Strange – which is to say he’s heir to the Blind Eye of Thirdarra, otherwise known as the third nipple staring straight through you from his plunging neckline. This lot includes that deep-V cut into his shiny blue costume, his yellow cape and gloves and black-and-gold boots. Everything you need for a team-up, because who doesn’t love team-ups?

But there are far more than costumes available in the May 27 THE TICK PRIME ORIGINAL exclusive auction.

Among the props available is The Donnelly Gang’s shotgun used in the Season Two opener “Holy Chowdah!” Arthur and The Tick are at the bank depositing Arthur’s check when they are interrupted by The Donnelly Gang and Lobstercules One of the Donnellys aims his shotgun at The Tick and threatens to open fire – at which point the hero bends the weapon, which the winning bidder can display like a prized trophy.

Among the most coveted items in the auction are the Flag Five Flock Flares given to The Tick, Arthur, Bronze Star, Sage The Supernumerary and Joan of Arc when they’re tapped as the newest members of the Flag Five. We’re not sure they can still be used to reach Captain Rathbone on a secure line, but they do come with two cases and are in good condition.

There’s reading material, too: Midnight’s memoirs Good Intentions (because a dog can write and speak, in this case using the voice of animated Tick cast member Townsend Coleman), and Ms. Lint’s Season Two copy of Superhero Now magazine featuring Superian on the cover.

So, what are you getting?

via Heritage Auctions


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