Not every super-type needs to swing across the rooftops to confront evil… Some are much more comfortable at home! Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Supers Who Work From Home!

Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with An Amateur Comics Historian and the Spring of 2020, which I hope is soon a memory (Hellooooo, Future People™!), Presents:



Work From Home

Repeatedly referred to as ‘The Smartest Man on the Planet’, Adrian Veidt is long-retired (and ridiculously rich) by the time of ‘Watchmen.’ When Rorschach begins unraveling a conspiracy that seems to be targeting former heroes, Veidt fakes an assassination attempt, then goes to ground in his Antarctic fortress. Throughout the rest of the story, he stays there, even launching the false attack on New York that causes a cessation in hostilities around the world from his own “TV room.”

He then never appeared again and certainly didn’t make a return in a lackluster sequel whose lateness made it even less relevant than it already was. Yep, it’s a good thing none of that ever happened.


Work From Home

After creating an experimental Dream Monitor as part of “Project Sandman”, Dr. Garrett Sanford was transported into a strange extra-dimensional void full of literal nightmares. Only able to interact with the real world in a limited context, Sanford (along with his “pet” creatures Brute and Glob) policed the unconscious from their strange home, even once assisting the Justice League of America against Doctor Destiny.

Much later, it was revealed that Sanford was being manipulated by escaped nightmares from The Dreaming, who were recaptured by Morpheus, the literal embodiment of dreams, with sad consequences for Garrett.


Work From Home

On the run from the corrupt Clinic for Paranormal Research, David Landers was chased by bounty hunters to a house in the remote wilderness of Canadia, only to discover that it was already inhabited by a group of psionics, hiding out from the evils of the world. The six mind-melders rescued Dave, offering him aid and even sanctuary, so long as he was willing to forget ever leaving their home. When he refused, the wiped his memories of them (also providing him an immunity to most psychic attack) and continued their hidden lives in relative peace.


Work From Home

With his twin brother Thomas, Simon Halloway shared the identity of The Angel (and also the magical Cape of Mercury that empowered them), operating as one of the earliest heroes in the Golden Age Marvel Comics. As an adult, Simon fell on hard times, ending up living in the sewers beneath Manhattan, but maintained his thirst for justice and at least some of his youthful vigor, protecting his new home and the people who lived there, seldom leaving the underworld. Sadly, he was murdered by a killer named Zeitgeist, who knew about his costumed identity but not his brother’s role.

(Simon’s existence is actually a retcon to explain away multiple incompatible revivals of the character.)


A literal (and remarkably well-dressed) hand who fought for justice circa 1941, nearly nothing is known of its origins or the limits to its power. Otter Disaster theorizes that he/she/they, like similar superhero body part The Eye, is a Super-Wizard like the mighty Stardust, who only extrudes part of his/her form into our reality. This implies that somewhere, probably in a comfortable chair, is the REST of a giant, incredibly powerful being with a thirst for justice but no desire to actually go out.

I can relate.


A member of the ominously named super team called The Jihad in the DC Univere, the being known as Djinn is housed in a hard drive referred to as his “magnetic bottle”. Once a normal man, he was reduced to machine code, and cannot venture far from his storage unit. When his bottle was destroyed, he seemingly ceased to exist, and was replaced by the mind of slain Suicide Squad member Mindboggler.


When his colleagues in the Squadron Supreme took over the world to build a utopian society, Thomas Thompson suddenly found himself more in-demand for his genius intellect and inventing prowess than for his super-identity. As such, he literally lived in his lab, bringing to fruition the necessary tools for a better world, including force-fields to aid in disarmament and the much-less-defensible Behavior Modification device for rewriting human minds. Tragically, Tom never left his lab, eventually dying of cancer and being placed in hibernation in the hopes that someday, a cure might be found.


Heiress to the throne of Arendelle, Elsa’s ability to generate ice and snow from her fingertips concerns her family, who take great pains to hide her “curse”. Rather than turn evil (as her counterpart from the fairy tale that inspired ‘Frozen’ did), she eventually leaves home and builds a castle of her own, embracing her powers and decide to let it go, with “it” being the weight of other people’s expectations, and staying in her castle where people couldn’t bug her.

Happy ending: She eventually got to go home and create a new normal.


After the release of Terrigen Mist throughout the atmosphere of Earth-9997, Tony Stark locked himself away so that he would not be mutated into an Inhuman form. Building his home out of the abandoned giant mecha called Red Ronin, he built an army of Iron Men to replace the mostly deceased Avengers, as well as creating weapons for President Norman Osborn…. Sorry, just threw up in my mouth a little bit, there. Eventually, Tony’s isolationist ways led to tragedy, and he died after Red Ronin was destroyed.

That was NOT, however, the end of his story…


The son of the sitting President of the United States, Freddie Martin is a certified genius and a virtual storehouse of information, especially information that people might want kept secret. His genius even extended to creating an neural interface for his systems, making him a part of his computer, which is in turn built into a customized Rolls Royce that he drives by remote control. Unable to leave his car/home, Data relies upon a pickpocket named Crackerjack and the other members of The Seven Seconds (operatives of the elusive Angeline Marietta Salvotini Thriller, in a very Doc Savage sort of way) for support, trading his information and expertise for their mobility.

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