DC kicks off it’s Digital First effort with a classic Odd Couple situation as Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn team up to take on a shady real estate tycoon.  Your Major Spoilers review of Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #1, awaits!

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #1 ReviewWONDER WOMAN: AGENT OF PEACE #1

Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Inaki Miranda
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Editor: Marie Javins
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: April 22nd, 2020

Previously in Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace: During a run-in with a villainous crime syndicate, Wonder Woman learns about a hit list whose biggest target is a familiar name – Harley Quinn!

Villainous Real Estate

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #1, starts off with Wonder Woman on her way to confront a businessman who seems to be behind a series of explosions that have leveled a number of buildings, that he then purchased.  After dealing with a pair of fans, then a pair of security guards, Diana finds herself trapped in an elevator.  The tycoon in question, Simon Wickett, then reveals his plans to her, which includes blowing up a property that belongs to Harley Quinn.  After this he sabotages the elevator and then blows up the very building Wonder Woman is in.  Having survived the trap, Wonder Woman searches for and finds Harley.  The two go and have dinner at a diner, where they’re attacked by an assassin. The two subdue the killer and interrogate her where they find out that there are three others who are gunning for Harley, under orders of Simon.  They then manage to survive and take out the other hitmen in a series of misadventures. Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn then set their sights on Wickett himself.  They intercept him at an airport and after considerable property damage they apprehend the tycoon.

Who’s Comic Is This?

On paper a team-up between Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn sounds like a good idea.  They are two of DC’s most bankable female characters and the concept is ripe with possibility.  Unfortunately here, things quickly shift from a Wonder Woman comic to a Harley Quinn story. Almost immediately after Harley is introduced in this story, Wonder Woman becomes little more than a piece of wood for Harley to bounce her brand of humor off of. It makes sense for Wonder Woman to be the Dean Martin to Harley’s Jerry Lewis, but that doesn’t mean she has to be boring and that’s exactly what she is here. What’s a real shame is that before Harley shows up, Wonder Woman has some truly enjoyable moments. Now, I will give credit where credit is due.  Once I came to terms with this being a Harley focused story, I didn’t mind it. Harley is written with a sense of humor that doesn’t veer into obnoxious territory and there is some fun to be had with how Wonder Woman reacts to the shenanigans.  As for the story as a whole, it’s fine. The villains are pretty throwaway and their schemes are a little schlocky, but manage to effectively be a vehicle for the interactions between Harley and Wonder Woman, which seems to be the major focus of the book.

Bottom Line: Could Do Worse For A Buck

It would’ve been nice for DC to unveil their Digital First lineup with a banger. Instead, we got a mediocre book premise that feels like a “marketing first, creation second” endeavor. There are some fun bits here and there throughout Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #1, but on a whole it feels like a misuse of the titular character, favoring the popularity of the secondary.  That being said, there’s no denying the price point here and when that’s factored in, it’s not terrible. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #1

Middle of the Road

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #1 feels like a Ford Fiesta. It’s not terrible, but it’s clear it’s designed to be economical. The inclusion of Harley Quinn makes for some quick laughs, but not much more.

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