Last Christmas, I asked all people getting me gifts to  get me the Disney Select Black Hole action figure three-pack, featuring Maximilian, V.I.N.Cent and B.O.B., whose previous figures were apparently only available in parts of Portugal or something.  It is truly my dream action figure set.  Sadly they actually weren’t available in time for Chrimmus, and it seems irresponsible to buy them now.  Besides, I’m still waiting for an Aztek in scale with the rest of my DC Direct action figures or perhaps a Skateman with working quad-wheel action, allowing me to relive the worst comic of all time on the shelf in my Nerd Room of Doom, leading us to today’s 1:10 scale query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) already has figures of Gokai Silver, Miracleman and Matter-Eater Lad, which pretty much means all I’m missing is a decent Freakazoid!, asking: What ONE dream action figure do you most wish for in your heart of hearts?


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    Pretty much every single one of them has been made in some form in last decade or so. Oh, Kunio & Riki from classic games series called Dowtown Nekketsu/River City. Made by some good manufacturer, in 50 bucks price range or so. Something like Figma or S.H.Figuarts.

  2. One of my favorite comics of all time was the first run of The New Warriors – I would love a Speedball in the Marvel Legends size and scale .

  3. I would love to eventually own a hyper-detailed and ridiculously expensive Mazinger. Just haven’t found the one yet but it would be an awesome centerpiece to my collection of several versions of it.

    Next I would love a Captain Carrot and Zoo Crew figures. Think that would be neat.

    Last, there was a cartoon in my youth called The Mighty Heroes… Matthew knows who I’m talking about… a set of those would be amazing.

    I finally bought a Bouncing Boy off eBay that I love!

  4. Not exactly an action figure, but when they brought back the classic Stretch Armstrong I was hoping we’d see a reissue of the old Stretch Monster too. I guess that’d be my pick. Outside of that, I’d like to see Micronauts make a comeback.

  5. for purely nostalgia reasons, my old Godzilla, who was sadly sold off at a flea market or just donated when my parents moved out of their old house.

    it was made by Imperial for about 2 cents worth of plastic and somebody maybe waving a paintbrush in its direction before getting tossed in the truck. it had barely 5 points of articulation (rotating arms, legs and a tail, which i occasionally spun like a helicopter), but the battles it had with my various little green army men and the occasional Ultraman or Kamen Rider figure were the stuff of legend.

    for collector purposes, man. any of those insanely detailed 1:8 Medicom Marvel or DC figures that look like souped up Mego dolls, or that awesome Dark Horse Mignola-design Hellboy figure that came out a few years ago:

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