I was born in the now faraway year of 1970, a year when little of note actually occurred.  The Summer Of Love was already gone, the gas crisis was not yet upon us, and, worst of all, my favorite band finally broke up, after having shed a member each year since ’68.  The end of The Monkees notwithstanding, 1970’s most notable achievement in my memory was either the debut of ‘All My Children’ (though I was always a ‘Guiding Light’ fan when I was home in the afternoons) or Jack Kirby’s debut on ‘Jimmy Olsen’, which is the dawn of the Fourth World at DC Comics, leading us to today’s self-nativity query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) does almost share a birth date with Rob Van Dam and DMX, though, so that’s interesting, asking: What’s the most interesting thing that happened in the year YOU were born?


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  1. …so I looked up 1979 and… a lot…. happened.

    So instead of the most interesting or significant thing, I’m going to go with the most random thing.

    McDonald’s introduced the Happy Meal.

  2. Malone_hasco on

    A lot happened. Empire Strikes Back and John Lennon was shot were probably most significant for pop culture.

  3. Daniel P Langsdale on

    Come on, the answer’s in the question, isn’t it? By my standard, the most interesting thing that happened is that I was born!

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