Though it’s April, far from the time when pop culture was full of ghosts and goblins and such, in that terrifying season where we hope that the sun isn’t dying once and for all, it’s still a time when scary things are on our minds.  It’s a time of year where your humble MS-QOTD (whose dreams, it must be noted, are constant and vivid) tends to move towards dark and foreboding dreams, occasionally bordering on nightmares.  Of course, what brought this all to mind was the fact that, after a recent ‘Why Do You Hate Me’ review of which I wish to never speak again, I had a truly terrifying (albeit candy-colored and a little bit cartoony) night terror.  It was so unnerving as to even wake me up, but thankfully didn’t recur when I got back to sleep, though it did lead to today’s trenchant query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) made the mistake of watching ‘Full Metal Jacket’ right before bed once, a mistake I’ll never make again, asking: Has any pop culture experience ever given you a nightmare?


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