As is my habit now, I spent my morning scouring the internet for whatever entertaining images would make for the next installment of Ten Things.  The most fruitful was a search for “superheroes with capes” which led me to wonder whose shoulder-rug reigns supreme.  (The answer will surprise you!)  It also made me think about the time Otter Disaster pointed out that, at Marvel Comics at least, the capes are usually the purview of the bad guys (think Doctor Doom, Mysterio, The Mandarin, and Magneto).  One of the only things that the extremely genre-savvy Edna Mode ever said that I don’t agree with was her stance on this particular superhero activity, regardless of Syndrome’s karmic justice, leading us to today’s query that flaps in the night

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has always thought that it’s one of the most iconic parts of superhero-dom, and every team can use a cape-guy, asking: Cape or No Cape?


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  1. Capes. Always capes.

    There’s a reason that the patch that added capes to the old MMO City of Heroes was such a big deal.

  2. I have to agree with Edna Mode on this one, NO CAPES. While they do add a degree of flair to a costume, the safety hazard capes present trumps the need for style in my mind.

    Really, any super who doesn’t wish to be snagged on something or grabbed should ditch any and all dangly costume bits in favor of a sleeker, more utilitarian design.

  3. Cape. If we argue practicality, pretty much no super-hero costume will bear up under scrutiny, so it really comes down to what looks cool. Capes can be wonderfully dynamic when drawn well, so yes to occasional capes in this medium of sequential static images.

    Besides, if we didn’t have capes, we wouldn’t have had the “puny god” moment in the Avengers movie.

  4. Malone_hasco on

    Cape is essential to mystic characters, good on traditional powerful superpowered characters but “nope” on martial artists.

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