This weekend’s research has had me knee-deep in Malibu’s Ultraverse (watch for tomorrow’s Retro Review to discern the reason why), one of several early-90s world-building attempts.  Unlike some shared universe stories, which died on the vine, the Ultraverse and their publisher was acquired by Marvel Comics (reputedly for Malibu’s equipment, rather than their IP), and eventually the entire line was cancelled.  Rumors still swirl about why the Marvel-owned property hasn’t made a comeback (it’s not as though Marvel is shy about monetizing their character properties, after all) but whatever the reason, it bums me out to see such a vivid universe full of cool characters (and also Wrath) leading to today’s proprietary query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is just enough of a goon to want more of the 1960s Harvey Heroes line, with rebooted versions of Bee-Man, Jigsaw and their goofy ilk, asking: What discontinued pop-culture lost universe (in any genre or medium) do you miss the most?


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  1. The old Star Wars EU. Despite it’s occasional silliness, I was heavily invested and they wiped it all from canon.

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