In my downtime, I enjoy sitting back and playing a few vidja-games, and for the last year or so, I’ve been obsessed with unlocking all of the suits for the Sony PS4 Spider-Man game. This week’s Top Ten is little different as I share Ten PS4 Spider-Man Costumes that are my fave raves!

Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with An Amateur Comics Historian and Peter Parkedcar, The Spectacular Spider-Mobile, Presents:



An exclusive design for the PS4 Spider-Man game, this uniform was actually designed by Otto Octavius (who was not yet Doctor Octopus in game continuity), who believed that Peter Parker was only Spider-Man’s tech guy. The addition of the controversial big white spider-symbol and web-shooters is not only cool-looking, but makes it easier to follow the in-game movements of the character, especially in low light. It’s quite reminiscent of Ben Reilly’s costume during his run as primary Spidey in the 1990s, an underrated look which I always appreciated.


PS4 Spider-Man Costumes

There are a LOT of armors available for this game, but one of the best is the Mk II suit, originally created in the comics to battle a global plot by The Sinister Six during ‘Ends of the Earth’, circa Amazing Spider-Man #682. I’m always a sucker for a red-and-black Spidey, what with those being the original Ditko colors, and the addition of the utility belt makes sense for long-term travel use. Some would argue that armor on a primarily agility-based character makes no sense, but Spider-Man’s super-strength and inhuman flexibility make it more plausible than Batman’s various bullet-proof looks.


PS4 Spider-Man Costumes

The biggest complaint that I hear about ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ is that it makes Spider-Man little more than a junior Iron Man, and I can see that perspective. Even so, the junior Iron Man costume is awesome, especially the chest and back Spider-emblems and the boot details. In the film, it even has built-in glider wings in the form of the much-maligned underarm webs, and even though a flying Spidey kind of misses the point, it’s an awesome visual.


PS4 Spider-Man Costumes

A mystical/technological armor forged by Tony Stark and the Dwarves of Asgard, this suit has bladed gauntlets for hand-to-hand combat. Like all the mys-tech outfits created during the ‘Fear Itself’ crossover, it’s has glowing neon lines and details, but the existing web-patterns of Peter’s traditional costume make them less extraneous and noodly than Captain America or She-Hulk’s versions. Best of all, it glows in the dark, which almost makes the change from traditional colors understandable.


PS4 Spider-Man Costumes

Created specifically to fight Hobgoblin in the comics, this Spider-suit can turn itself invisible by warping light. In the comics, the spider-emblem and eyes glowed red, but the green accents here are really cool-looking, even if they once again subvert traditional Spider-Man colors. This costume actually fell into the possession of Peter’s clone, Kaine, aka the second hero to call himself Scarlet Spider, while Otto Octavius built his own version during his run as Superior Spider-Man, but either way, an all-black suit with single color accents is a great look for an acrobatic flippy hero.


PS4 Spider-Man Costumes

This uniform is perhaps the greatest practical joke that The Human Torch ever played, albeit at once of the lowest periods of Spidey’s life. After discovering that his original black costume is a symbiote that is feeding off of his vitae, Spider-Man banished it and accidentally created the threat of Venom. Left in his underpants at Four Freedoms Plaza, Spider-Man borrowed an old FF costume to get home in, complete with makeshift mask. (There was also a “Kick Me” sign in the comics, proving that friends you make in college are simultaneously the best and worst friends you’ll ever have.)


PS4 Spider-Man Costumes

Composed of special pseudo-metallic fibers akin to his web-fluid, the original Spider-Armor proved unusually bulky and hindered Spider-Man’s moves in battle, as you’d expect. It was destroyed in it’s sole appearance circa 1993, but the silver-on-black aesthetic was so strong that it returned a quarter-century later. The best part about this armor is the theory that Spider-Man could literally forge it out of his web-fluid, making it one of the only practical-use protective suits Spidey has.


PS4 Spider-Man Costumes

Another one that evokes the look of the 1984 black Spider-Man costume, this uniform is another one that’s unique to the video game continuity. As the name suggests, it’s engineered specifically for defense against Spidey’s greatest foe (Don’t @ me), Doctor Octopus, and it looks really cool in action, with the sleek overlapping plates. I’m not a fan of the yellow-green tint, but it looks pretty fabulous in action, so I can forgive another breach of the traditional red/blue and red/black Spider-Man color schemes.


PS4 Spider-Man Costumes

In the comics, this suit not only comes from another reality (Earth-138), it’s worn by someone other than Peter Parker! In that world, Hobie Brown (known in prime continuity as The Prowler) becomes a radical anti-establishment hero and fights alongside Captain Anarchy rather than Captain America, as well as a tattooed Hulk with a mohawk. He later joined the army of Spider-Totems during the Spider-Verse crossover even and is probably the most amazing look available in-game…

…save for one.


PS4 Spider-Man Costumes

Hailing from the potential future reality of Earth-312500, this uniform’s wearer was an older Peter Parker who was forced to resort to murderous means after Kraven targeted his family and friends. He died in a hail of police gunfire, while his younger self watched in horror, making him less a fully-realized character and more of a cautionary tale. Even with the myriad questions (How does his stick to walls in Doc Martins? Isn’t that costume squeaky as heck? Where are his face-webs?), it’s an utterly amazing visual, especially the cool tutone gloves. If I were Spider-Man, this is what I’d wear.

This week’s topic is all me, which you can tell because the game is more than a year old (I’m timely!), but feel free to follow along @MightyKingCobra for more Ten Things madness on Twitter or check out the full Twitter archive here! As with any set of like items, these aren’t meant to be hard and fast or absolutely complete, if only because Spider-Man variants pop up like weeds. Seriously, three more appeared since you started reading this. Either way, the comments section is Below for just such an emergency, but, as always: Please, no wagering!

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