Just a few years ago, I actually had what I liked to refer to as a “secondary weekend” on Tuesday.  It was kind of nice, serving as a day where I could shut down my adult brain and go through a bit of decompression, prepare for the week’s podcasts, kick back and relax.  This week, I had a sick child and was home all day on Tuesday, causing me to look back on those days fondly and wonder how I ever got anything done with a big hole in the middle of the week.  Back then, if I needed to relax, I usually check out of the world entirely with some Stephen King short stories or, in if things got REALLY serious, some classic Tom & Jerry cartoons.  In an absolute worst-case scenario, there was always time for a fifty-third reading of the entire catalogue of ‘Howard The Duck,’ which leads us to today’s calming query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is always fascinated by people’s emotional reactions to pop culture, especially a friend who shut down his agita by shooting only characters with blonde hair in ‘Grand Theft Auto’, asking: What pop culture is the best at helping you to put your kick back and relax?


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