Starting in 1967, DC Comics tortured their fanbase by creating a series of races between Superman and The Flash.  The first one was a tie, thanks to a criminal enterprise, the second a tie due to cosmic shenanigans, while Flash wins the third bout due to a technicality.  Both Wally West and Jay Garrick (each the best Flash, depending on whether you’re talking to me or to Stephen) have defeated The Man of Steel, and it’s even been referenced in the Justice League film and on TV with Supergirl and TV’s Barry Allen.  Still, given the nature of the characters and the fluidity of universal continuity, it’s a difficult conundrum, leading to today’s fasterthanthespeedoflight query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has a very definite opinion on this one, but doesn’t want to influence the results, asking: Which superhero should actually win an actual, legitimate Superman/Flash race?


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  1. I never understood why it should even be a question. It’s obviously the Flash. Speed is his whole thing and he has the speed force working to his advantage.

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