Ever since the release of the footage featuring Eric Stoltz’s limited work as Marty McFly in ‘Back To The Future’, I’ve had a theory (known to the innernets as a “headcanon”) in my head: Eric’s Marty actually DID exist, and was erased from the timeline by paradox after failing to fix the time stream.  Doc Brown, once he created his machine, went back to the fifties to discover another version of himself had already done so, causing another paradox, but resetting the universe to allow the events of ‘Back To The Future’, featuring a very different Marty McFly.  This Marty was successful in HIS mission, which smoothed out most of the paradoxes of 1955 and gave us the trilogy we know.  (Eric’s Marty was taller because of different parentage, possibly an adventure of Elaine’s youth involving a talking duck.)  It’s a fun bit of meaningless story that probably won’t hold up to any real, but one that leads us to today’s alternate-reality query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is also pretty attached to the theory that Batman isn’t so much driven by determination as he is utterly terrified of getting close to anyone, in case they get shot in an alley, asking:  What’s your favorite bit of personal continuity or headcanon?


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  1. Kunio-kun, Yakuza, Sukeban Deka and pretty much every video game and manga about delinquents fighting happens in the same world as real life Japanese wrestling promotions.

  2. Crappy sequels like Star Trek V and Highlander 2 didn’t happen. Also, in Cast Away,
    Chuck turn around and drove back to Bettina’s ranch.

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