A widely known but confusing and little-understood bit of X-Men lore is that Scott “Cyclops” Summers has at least four adult superhero children, from multiple alternate futures.  Equally maddening is the fact that future hero Ayla Ranzz of the Legion Of Super-Heroes has at least six heroic aliases, if you count the one that was her own teenage clone/duplicate.  Even Disney cartoons aren’t immune, as Negaduck (the Tronsplitter-split self of Darkwing Duck) exists separately of Negaduck (the evil Darkwing from a mirror universe), but both ducks are nearly identical, leading to today’s convoluted query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still can’t believe that TV Flash used both Zoom AND Reverse-Flash, who are two versions of the same character with identical costumes in the comics, asking: What constitutes the most utterly confusing, unnecessary plot development of them all?


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  1. Young, old and alternate reality X-Men all in same story and then some of them staying, some of them not with whatever teams and/timelines. Sometimes multiple versions of same character even.

    • Cloning blues: somebody finds out they’re a clone of an existing person or otherwise not “real” or “original.” It’s never carried any emotional weight for me because it doesn’t change the character of the individual in question.

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