Say what you will about Captain Planet, the man was an effective superhero.  Sure, he had to bail the Planeteers out on a regular basis, and teach Ma-Ti that his power is okay six or ten times per month, but all in all, he was one of the most effective defenders of the Earht, keeping us safe from bad dudes in shades and/or lab coats.  Indeed, most of the goofy cartoon heroes of the past are remarkably good at their jobs, even the Chipmunks, a testament to the power of marketing, but it does beg an important question: Is Darkwing Duck actually better at his job than Christopher Nolan’s Batman?

The answer to that one is “Yes, absolutely and completely,” which leads us to today’s limited-animation query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would probably pick G.I. Joe, if only to see what wacky way they have to avoid injury in their endless storm of explosions and RGB laserfire, asking: What 1980s/1990s cartoon characters would you choose to be the modern defenders of the earth?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    How many do I get on the team? I figure at least three or four to match the original line up. This list is top-loaded, just cut it when I reach my limit.

    – Danger Mouse
    – Carmen Sandiego
    – Dexter
    – Ms. Frizzle
    – Mr. T
    – Daria

  2. If no mixing between cartoons is allowed, then its Masters of the Universe. There are so many of them and strongest of them easily rival JLA.

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