Author M.A. Richards’ new book, Out of Darkness, is a riveting page-turner―geared to young adults―that’s proving impossible for readers to put down! In a terrifying storyline, evil vampires try to enslave humanity for Satan and werewolves emerge as the new heroes who fight the devil on God’s behalf to ensure humanity remains free.

Out of DarknessBrian Porter’s mysterious, sudden onset obesity makes him an easy target for school bullies—physically and emotionally. Adding to his misery, Chris, his one-time best friend, has joined in the bullying, teasing Brian relentlessly since his unexpected metamorphosis. On the first day of summer, Chris challenges Brian to enter the neighborhood’s scariest house. The trade-off? Chris promises not to tease Brian all summer, and it’s a chance for Brian to impress his new female friend, Sarah. But there’s a dark, terrifying reason behind the home’s evil reputation, and Brian and Chris are about to discover it.

What the two didn’t count on was uncovering a new evil in the neighborhood “haunted house” and Chris being captured. Brian finds himself fighting to survive an attack—a battle he’d lose if not for a daring rescue by the evil’s ancient nemesis: werewolves. To save him from a deadly wound, Brian’s lycanthropic allies turn him into one of their own.

Now, with his strong new body, Brian is a powerful young werewolf who has become part of an ancient war to protect mankind. It’s his destiny to revitalize the Holy Warriors, a once great werewolf order sworn to protect the world, but the order’s leaders have become corrupt and worse, they’re not negotiating―they want Brian dead!

Author M. A. Richards grew up in the country in Oregon, the fourth of five boys, and enjoyed watching monster movies. He attended the former Ricks College (now Brigham Young University—Idaho) and spent most of his life in the US Marine Corps. He currently lives in Texas with his family. Richards was recently diagnosed with a deadly disease called sarcoidosis. He wrote Out of Darkness for his children. To learn more, please visit


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