In many ways, the idea of the super-hero is a pretty ludicrous one.  With costumes derived from circus strongmen, plots from the pulps (and later from soap operas, thanks to Stan Lee) and a heaping helping of self-importance, stories of costumed adventurers run on The Rule Of Cool.  Superman’s ability to ignore physics, The Flash’s reality-breaking speed, even the question of where in the blue hell the X-Men get the energy to power their mutant powers (Cyclops alone should have to consume enough fuel to power a small city), the only question that truly matters is, ‘Is it awesome?’  So, when the movie implies that Eric Draven carved out a crow shape, filled the trench with lighter fluid and ignited it to make a point that only helicopter pilots and people who lived on upper floors could see, it only works because of how incredible the visual is, which leads us to today’s plot-driven query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) honestly found the Crow scene to be acceptable with the quasi-mystical elements in play, but had massive problems with the same scene being cribbed for Ben Affleck’s ‘Daredevil’, asking:  Which superhero moments would be utterly ridiculous if not for the Rule of Cool?


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  1. The sheer amount of ridiculous things Flash can do with his super speed. Half of them are preposterous, and yet they are still kinda cool.

  2. I can think of three that may not fit exactly but have gotten a little old and unrealistic:

    1. Slow motion walk away from an explosion
    2. Wait your turn while I fight the other henchman
    3. The super-hero landing pose

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