Several times during our ‘Flashback’ podcast, we touched on the fun bit of storytelling that allowed Tom Cavanaugh, the first season’s villainous big bad, to return in various support roles in subsequent seasons.  (By the by, if you become one of our magical patrons, you can join in the Flashback fun, as well as our other VIP bonuses!)  Given how effective he was as scene-stealing villain, it’s great to have him back, much as those rare cartoons where Marvin would show up to menace Bugs Bunny with Earth-shattering kabooms and such.  When you grow up reading comic books, you get used to villains suddenly reappearing to steal the day without any warning, leading us to today’s recurring query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) occasionally gets ‘Marvin The Martian’ confused with ‘Bruno Mars’, which is only a little bit mortifying, asking: Which antagonist character is the best scene-stealing villain?


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  1. I’m in a nostalgic mood, so I’m gonna give it to Don Karnage from Talespin. He was such a fun, charismatic bad guy and one of the most memorable villains from the Disney Afternoon block.

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