The crossover event in the Catalyst Prime Universe is underway. The Obsidian Men have given the people of Earth seven days before the Earth’s total destruction. This is day three. Come check out Seven Days #3 by Lion Forge Comics!


Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Jose Luis and Jonas Trinidade
Colorist: Michelle Madsen
Letterer: Saida Temofonte
Editor: Desiree Rodriguez
Publisher: Lion Forge Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 11th, 2019

Previously on Seven Days: Catalyst Prime is under attack by an alien race known as Khrelan and the heroes of Earth are scrambling to save as many people as possible. After the death of Noble, the greatest hero, the Obsidian Men are thought to be unbeatable. That was until a bunch of teenage heroes from New Orleans lobbed one of their heads off. This could be the turning point for the citizens of earth!


This issue has several plot lines beginning to unfold. The first is an interview between blogger Camila Canales and the representative of the Khrelen. The Khrelen admitted to being behind many major disasters in Earth’s history because they are afraid that Earth will be a threat. Their most recent natural disaster was the Catalyst that gave heroes and villains powers. Secondly, Lorena Payne has brought in the teenagers who managed to destroy an Obsidian Man. One of the heroes, Cosmosis, has Down Syndrome and believes the Obsidian Man is similar. Cosmosis gets so focused on a task that the rest of the world fades away.

Elsewhere, Summit is recruiting heroes and villains to secure a team. With a faint idea of a plan, Accell begins to grab as many Obsidian Men as he can find and lures them into a trap. A trap of heroes and villains now led by Astrid as Noble. Like Cosmosis, the Obsidian Men can only focus on one target at once, leaving themselves open to an attack from behind. And thus, the Obsidian Men began to fall!


I liked this issue but I am unsure why. The weakness of the Obsidian Men was a trope we have seen before and felt like a weak plot point. I mean, they were sending tanks and small armies of men at these creatures and this “blind spot” should have been relevant then. However, when heroes exploit a blind spot it suddenly works. This book also felt slower than the previous issues as the initial shock of the disaster slows down. I enjoyed the slower pace. This issue was able to explore thought processes of the characters rather than erratic emotions they had during the moment of disaster.

What the book did excel at is the smaller moments. In the first few pages there is a reporter giving us an update on the situation. While the situation isn’t remarkable, Gail Simone adds the line “God help us all. Excuse me. I’m sorry.” The reporting inserting religion in a job that normally has to separate the secular and the spiritual was a nice touch. In that simple line, we see the gravity of the situation and the pressure the world is under. These smaller moments add so much depth to the story and there are plenty of them for the reader to grasp. 

The art was good as well. There is an intensity added to the art by slightling adding darker shades to a background. For example, if you have a green wall and add elements of olive green and grey shading you create an added depth. These are small details that can create a huge element to your art and makes every panel more realistic. I see this as an incredible attention to details by the creative team.


Crossover events are hard. Catalyst Prime has such a diverse group of characters that bend expectations and must somehow come together to try and save the world. I want to learn more about the characters and I want to know all these easter eggs I am likely missing. This is a great series to learn what the world is all about and then backtrack to some of the solo titles. I know I’ll be trying to catch up and learn more. 4.5 out of 5 stars for Seven Days #3 by Lion Forge Comics.

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Catalyst Prime: Seven Days #3 (of 7)


This issue was able to explore thought processes of the characters rather than erratic emotions they had during the moment of disaster.

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