The team have received their brutal welcome to the twisted reality that is America.  They’re now faced with a decision about how to save America and the world.  Your Major Spoilers review of Undiscovered Country #2 from Image Comics awaits!

Undiscovered Country #2 ReviewUNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #2

Writers: Scott Snyder & Charles Soule
Artists: Giuseppe Camuncoli & Daniele Orlandini
Colorist: Matt Wilson
Lettering: Crank!
Editor: Will Dennis
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: December 11th, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Undiscovered Country: A team consisting of a reporter, a doctor, a soldier, an anthropologist, a pilot, and two ambassadors, have arrived in The U.S. only to find that it’s an abstract nightmare of genetically altered beasts and massive convoys of bandits. After their pilot is taken the rest of the team go into hiding with the man who contacted them in the first place, Dr. Sam Elgin, except he doesn’t remember sending any message.

Which Side?

Undiscovered Country #2 opens with a flashback of Charlotte and Daniel playing as kids. They’re interrupted by their parents who inform them that they need to leave to England immediately.  They’re joined by Dr. Sam Elgin who tells them that they’re very lucky to be leaving Back in the present Sam informs the team that the US has broken into various states, not just geographical, but states of mind and being as well. Each state is divided by a door and each door has a key.  Sam also informs them that there is a prophecy for them to travel to the center of the US to save it. In order to do that they’ll have to break into the lair of The Destiny Man and retrieve the key to open the next door. The team is then split between those who want to find a way out and those who want to embark on the quest.  The deciding vote falls to Daniel.  He agrees to go, but only to rescue the pilot, nothing else.  Interspersed with these scenes are periodic flashbacks to the two different empires contacting Daniel trying to get his support to accomplish hidden objectives with their coming mission to America. The team makes their way to The Destiny Man’s lair and as Daniel is about to enter he reveals that he bears the mark of The Destiny Man and he has returned.

Strong Thematic Consistency

Undiscovered Country #2 is firing on all cylinders. In terms of a single issue, there’s a strong throughline.  The whole issue revolves around choosing a side and we see situations where people are divided appear multiple times throughout. Each of these decisions appear as binary choices, but Daniel repeatedly reveals a third option. It’s a clever plot device that I appreciated. I also appreciated that we actually get some explanation here while also indulging in some heavy metaphors. I was worried that this series was going to go the route that a lot of these big high concept ‘stories go: All questions, all fat, no answers, no meat.  But, already in the second issue there’s a good balance between explanations and increasing mystery.

Strong Character Design

The art remains solid here, things are surreal and strange but don’t linger in grotesqueness.  The aspect that really deserves special mention here though is the design for The Destiny Man.  There’s a lot of individual elements to his design that come together in a really intriguing look that is evocative of Lovecraft via True Detective and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. It’s just really interesting to look at.

Bottom Line: A Strong Second Issue That Stands On Its Own

While the story told in Undiscovered Country #2 is reliant on the previous issue, the plot devices and gimmicks used makes it enjoyable on it’s own.  This is quickly becoming an intriguing, enjoyable, and challenging series that has a lot of big ideas with really high concepts, but there’s already payoffs in this second issue. 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Undiscovered Country #2


There’s a lot to like about Undiscovered Country #2. The writing is top-notch and the artwork is intricate and enjoyable to look at. The only thing that someone might not like is the large and ambitious scope being established in this issue.

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