I’m not sure when or where DC’s biggest heroes started being referred to as ‘The Trinity,’ but I gotta tell ya, I really dislike it.  The 2006 Justice League series was the best example of the problem, wherein Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were actually treated as separate and distinct from the rest of the League, leading to a schism that destroyed the team.  (In fact, it destroyed the team more than once.)  Still, the triumvirate of alien powerhouse raised by common folk, magical golem from a hidden island of warriors and orphaned child using everything in his power to end crime can still make for good stories, if only for comparison and contrast, and everybody has their favored member of DC’s big three, leading to today’s “Stop saying TRINITY!” query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) isn’t going to give this one additional context, instead counting on y’all, the Faithful Spoilerites to provide your own, asking: Superman, Batman Or Wonder Woman?


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