Things are tense at The Hellfire Trading Company as Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost’s feud revs up, but it’s Kitty Pryde’s actions that are really shaking things up.  Your review of Marauders #2 from Marvel Comics awaits.

Marauders #2 ReviewMARAUDERS #2

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Matteo Lolli
Colorist: Federico Blee
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Editor: Jordan D. White
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 20th, 2019

Previously in Marauder: Kitty Pryde (now going by Kate) is not able to use the portals to make it to Krakoa, the mutant nation. Luckily, she has been given the task by Emma Frost of ensuring that the goods being exported out of Krakoa gets to where they need to go and when need be make sure mutants are able to get themselves to Krakoa. She’s joined by Storm, Iceman, and Pyro. The team now travels by sea to anywhere mutants need to be rescued or where goods are not getting into the right hands.

Hail to the Queen

Marauders #2 begins with Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost, two out of the three controlling bodies in The Hellfire Trading Company.  It seems that Sebastian has rung up a significant amount of debt. He’s also sent a ship filled with Krakoan medicine to the hands of the rich rather than the poor like it was intended to.  The Marauders intercept the ship which is being piloted by Batroc the Leaper. The opposing forces have a quick but polite fight with Kate and her crew winning out and then scuttling the ship. The team then heads to Taipei where they’re supposed to meet up with a contact.  Back at The Hellfire Trading Company, Emma reveals that she has already filled the third seat of the ruling bodies of the company, which is a surprise to Sebastian.  Back in Taipei, Kate, with a bottle of champagne in hand, meets up with Bishop. He informs the group of the events of X-Force #2.  Kate then decides it’s a good time to get a new tattoo, with Pyro joining her.  Afterwards the group is teleported to London.  There they are introduced to their new ship.  Back at The Hellfire Trading Company, Sebastian and Emma are moments away from violence when Kate arrives and announces herself as the new Red Queen of The Hellfire Trading Company.

A Fresh Take on an Established Character

Marauders #2 really finds a good balance between swashbuckling action and corporate political drama.  The most interesting aspect of this book so far is Kate Pryde.  It’s been fun to see her toe the line between free spirit and self-destructive force so far. What’s especially nice is that this spiral doesn’t come off as clichéd or overly dramatic.  It’s just a woman, unsure of her place in this new world, who decides to express her frustration with champagne, tattoos, and scuttling ships.  It’s a nice edge that fits a character that has been a little too squeaky clean for a while.

New Costumes

What stood out to me visually in Marauders #2 were some of the new looks for these characters, specifically Kate Pryde and Emma Frost. Kate’s look at the end is a little on the nose for the themes of the book, but it also works as something a character who has lost their way and is trying to overcompensate would wear. As for Emma, her trademark sex appeal is still there, but her current costume has a touch more sophistication to it over her fur cloaks and white lingerie of the past. At the very least she has pants.

BOTTOM LINE:  Strong Capitalization on a Good Premise

Out of all the new X-Men centric titles that have come out, this series has the most intriguing setup and Marauders #2 brings that to fruition while also adding layers to the overarching story. Somehow a series that is part Pirates of The Caribbean, part Scandal, and part Sideways, manages to be coherent and fun with this issue in particular having strong displays of all those aspects.  4 out of 5 stars.

Marauders #2


Watching Kate Pryde’s personal renaissance continue in Marauders #2 is a blast. Combine that with some interesting political maneuvering from Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw and you have yourself a comic book that is fun and enjoyable on multiple levels.

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