So, a bunch of people on the Innernets have a lot of ideas about who Harley Quinn’s perfect man is.  Most of them involve some sort of emotionally abusive clown-faced dude (not even always The Joker), but a few geniuses seem to think that Harley’s off-the-wall madness would meld well with the fourth-wall breaking joie de vivre of Wade “Deadpool” Wilson.  This potential power couple seems like a horrific idea to me (although their costumes do go well together) but that may also be the fact that I think ‘Pool’s perfect woman is Vanessa, and the afterlife has confirmed this.  Regardless, what I believe isn’t always what the magical intarweb folk believe, leading us to today’s match-making query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would still like to see Rick from ‘The Walking Dead’ and Robin Scherbatsky from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ meet up for a lovely evening of canned spaghetti and gun repair, asking: What two characters from anywhere in fiction would make the perfect potential power couple?


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  1. Man, that’s a really wide-open question… Hard to pick one idea

    Harry Dresden and Buffy Summers would be an interesting match.

    How about Gandalf and Professor X?

    Jeannie and Samantha Stephens?

    I don’t know. I could spend the rest of the day coming up with these, they’re fun!

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