As ‘The Expendables’ franchise proves, there exists a virtual army of former action stars in Hollywood, just aching for another chance to have their stunt double punch out Dolph Lungren (and/or his stunt double.)  Of course, some action heroes make for an unlikely action star, as the first modern Batman Michael Keaton will prove, and many an atypical actor has made his or her presence known in a shoot-’em-up.  Remember Cindy Crawford in… whatever that gawdawful 90s thing was?  ‘Fair Game?’ If you said no, you’re among the luckiest of the lucky.  With Michael Cera, Seth Rogen and even Jonah Hill in the running, it’s tough to pick my fave-rave, but I think Barry “Dammit, Janet!” Bostwick in gold lame spandex as Megaforce Commander Ace Hunter should take home some sort of prize, leading us to today’s Stallone-rejected query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is still a little bit smitten with machine gun Helen Mirren from ‘Red’, asking: Who’s the most unlikely action star of them all?


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