The MisplacedTelevision designer and winner of the Aspen Comics Talent Hunt Chris Callahan has created a beautiful and spellbinding comic book debut about love, death, and the limitations of Paradise. After a fatal shipwreck, James finds himself dissatisfied with the tedious machinations of the afterlife. Even worse, his wife Anna is nowhere to be found. Will James leave eternal paradise to find her? THE MISPLACED follows James’ journey through the afterlife in search of his wife’s soul. Source Point Press will publish the first issue of Chris Callahan’s stunning, genre-defying four part comic book mini series on November 20th, 2019.

“THE MISPLACED originally started out as a collection of single art pieces,” said debut writer and artist Chris Callahan. “After those got a little attention, my friends kept asking me what the story was about. Since they were all thematically linked, decided it was a natural progression to turn it into a book.”

In THE MISPLACED, James discovers an even darker and more menacing secret that threatens not just their own souls but the very fabric of the universe. To create the comic, Callahan uses photo collage, digital painting, 3D models, and traditional painting. Twisted and haunting, Callahan’s comic book debut raises ethical and spiritual issues that will resonate with readers, while introducing a major new creative talent.

“THE MISPLACED is one of the most thought-provoking, hauntingly beautiful, and unsettling books that we’ve seen here at Source Point Press,” says Editor-In-Chief Travis McIntire.

About the creator

Born and raised in Detroit, Chris Callahan moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. He’s worked as a Motion Graphic Artist and Art Director for over 15 years, designing projects for some of Hollywood’s top companies. Creator of The Misplaced from Source Point Press and winner of the Aspen Comics Talent Hunt, Chris’ art and print design can also be seen in books from publishers like Image/Top Cow and Printed in Blood. Chris currently lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles with his wife and their adopted mutt, Harley.

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