The best day of the week just got a lot better with a new round of awesome comics arriving in stores this week. Staff members at Major Spoilers are here to help you with your comic book selection this week, with their roundup of comics they recommend.

Writer: Lonnie Nadler
Artist: Jenna Cha
Publisher: Vault Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: The year is 1887 and a storm brews. Eulalie Dubois has spent her entire life tending to her family’s trapline, isolated from the world. A chance at freedom comes in the form of a parcel that needs delivering to a nameless town north of the wilderness. Little does Eulalie know, something sinister hides in those woods and it yearns for what she carries. A chilling historical cosmic horror tale of survival from the deranged minds of Lonnie Nadler (The Dregs, Marvelous X-Men) and debut artist Jenna Cha.

INGRID: This just looks so intriguing. Cosmic horror in a historical context – isolation is much more isolated in 1887 than it is today – and a young woman at the center of it. Vault is really becoming a place to find some of the truly interesting stories out there. And just look at that evocative cover!

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: For centuries children have been told to be careful about what they wish for, and after years of yearning for his beloved to return, Mr. Freeze finally gets it. But frozen hearts don’t melt easily, and after years in cryostasis, Nora Fries is the ultimate ice queen. Gotham and Victor Fries will never be the same again.

STEPHEN: Nora is finally back!? Oh… this could be totally terrible, or totally awesome. Regardless, this is definitely a book to pick up this week.

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Alex Maleev
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: From the Eisner Award-winning team of superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis and groundbreaking artist Alex Maleev, the shocking conclusion to the biggest DC mystery of the year! Who is Leviathan? What do they want? How have they dismantled the most powerful secret agencies in the world? And what’s their next deadly move? The greatest detectives of the DC Universe descend on Leviathan, and all the answers are revealed! Don’t miss the shocking conclusion of this storyline!

STEPHEN: This is it! The end of the big Event Leviathan… er… event… How will the big revelations change Superman, and how will the DC Universe change because of this final issue? There is only one way to find out.

Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Matt Smith
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 13, 2019
SOLICITATION: From Narnia to Harry Potter, we’ve seen our hero leave the real world for a fantasy world—but in Ansel’s world of monsters and magic he’s haunted by visions of our world with tailored suits and modern technology!

Ansel embarks on his Quest to find the mysterious Folklords, hoping they can explain his visions…but looking for the Folklords is punishable by death. What will Ansel risk to find out about the world he has never truly belonged in?

Eisner Award-nominated writer Matt Kindt (Grass Kings, Black Badge) teams with acclaimed artist Matt Smith (Hellboy And The B.P.R.D.) challenge everything you know about the line between fantasy and reality in a new series for fans of Die, Middlewest and Fables.

STEPHEN: This was such an interesting book, I keep thinking about it, nearly a week after reading it the first time. Definitely worth picking up if you are fan of Die and Fables, and it is easy to see why this book has been sent back to print multiple times before today – the demand is going to be that great.

Writer: Sina Grace
Artist: Siobhan Keenan
Publisher: Boom Entertainment, Inc.
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: Daphne settles into life at Rycroft Manor. She’s starting to warm up to Los Angeles. She’s making friends, and some of them are even alive! But everything is thrown off when an old friend comes to visit, concerned that Daphne might be losing her mind. Because, you know, the ghost thing.

INGRID: This is such a sweet and engaging book. The mix of a coming of age tale and supernatural mystery is charming, and it strikes a delicate balance between humor and sadness. And these ghosts are all so interesting besides.

ROBOT OVERLORD: Some really great books on this list this week! What are you reading?

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