For reasons which should be obvious, I’ve been ruminating about the most maltreated and fanboy-mocked member of the Justice League of America: Aquaman.  (Yes, even more mocked than The Martian Manhunter.)  Of all the things I love about The State, I may never forgive them for poisoning the minds of cynical Gen Xers with the “talk to some fish” sketch, to the point where Geoff Johns was still doing metaphorical cleanup in the year 2011.  For my part, I’ve always been partial to orange-and-green color schemes, thanks to my freaky color sense, and having seen him as a leader in some of my earliest Justice League comics, I love me some Aquaman, leading to today’s telepathic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is fine with the Jason Momoa brash young Arthur Curry, but is still unclear how the traditional Aquaman is in any way objectivey goofier than dressing up like a blue-and-grey bat, asking: Do you love you some Aquaman?


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  1. I do and I agree that billionaire dressing as a bat is just as ridiculous as “talking to fish”. Actually, I can see how talking to fish is useful, dressing in rubber bat suit is not in any way.

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