With the success of Ant-Man and TV’s The Atom (whose last appearances are coming soon to an Arrow near you), tiny superheroes are in the spotlight again.  Sadly, their larger-than-life counterparts, the super-giants, seem to be getting something of a short shrift, with the possible exception of the final boss fight of a Super Sentai/Power Rangers episode.  Black Goliath was mercilessly punked out and murdered during ‘Civil War’, Stature de-powered and returned to a supporting role in her dad’s adventures and even Colossal Boy won’t be back til the Legion is.  It hardly seems fair that the little guys are getting all the love, which leads us to today’s brobdingnagian query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) really enjoyed it when Janet Van Dyne was a major player in the all-ages ‘Marvel Adventures’ title as Giant-Woman, asking: Who’s the coolest super-giant of all?


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  1. You got him right there, Ultraman (hard to choose specific one) is the best and one of the first super heroes I’ve even seen as a kid. Shoutouts to Jet Jaguar and Astro Guy, who are also pretty much Ultramen.

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