The epic conclusion of the fungus that has rampaged across New York hits the comic stands this week! Find out more in the Major Spoilers Review of Contagion #5 by Marvel!


Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Adam Gorham
Colorist: Veronica Gandini
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Editor: Jake Thomas
Publisher: Marvel
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 30th, 2019

Previously in Contagion: A fungus from K’un-Lun has infected Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and three out of four Fantastic Four. Jessica Jones, Iron First, Moon Knight, the Thing, Sparrow, Senor Magico, Pei, and Piledriver are the only people to stand against the fungus hivemind known as the Urchin.. Everything drives on a hail mary of a plan from Moon Knight to stop this creature from taking over the rest of the world.


With the infected heroes of New York battling against what is left of the uninfected heroes; Moon Knight enacts his plan. Intentionally getting infected, he enters the hive mind of this fungus monster and fights against the swarm that threatens to latch onto his consciousness. During the fight, Pei is also infected and is sent to the hive mind. Together, she and Moon Knight prepares to head to the source of the infection. While Pei watches Moon Knights back, he finds patient zero and figures that he must sever the tethers that attach  the other heroes to this weird mind. However, he is overwhelmed and it is up to Pei to save the rest of the heroes. Successfully rescuing the heroes, everyone returns to New York. Invisible Woman is able to contain the fungus and is handled safely by Mr. Fantastic.


Pei is a new character that came out in 2014 and is the youngest person to take on the mantle of Iron Fist. As I finished this book, I wonder why they chose Pei to be the main hero alongside Moon Knight. She entered into the hive mind and ultimately became the pivotal character in the arc but it wasn’t set up at all nor did it seem to be rewarded. Without an Iron First book currently being published (that I could find), I wonder why they wouldn’t use a character they were developing. In fact, I found there were a lot of moments that seemed to be ignored. In previous issues, Jessica Jones was lamenting to Danny Rand about letting Luke Cage be taken. Where was the pay off? There wasn’t any reunion for the cast. Everyone was simply saved and then left without any further development. Cloak was upset about letting Urchin out of the Dark Dimension in a previous issue but that plot was never brought up again. There are a lot of loose ends here.

I’m also not sure if the story really made any sense. Moon Knight and Pei broke the tethers of the hivemind that had a hold of the consciousness of the infected heroes. They destroyed the tether and somehow was able to maneuver around the hive mind while also willingly returning back to the real world. From there, we are able to contain the fungus without any real issue and then the story ends. I think the story needed to just take a take a couple more pages and resolve some of the themes that were ignored.


I wanted more from this story. I thought the artwork quality fell a little behind from previous issues, many story elements weren’t resolved, and the conclusion felt lacking. Resolve your plot lines and this could have easily been a great series! 2.5 out of 5 stars for Contagion #5.

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Contagion #5


I thought the artwork quality fell a little behind from previous issues, many story elements weren’t resolved, and the conclusion felt lackin

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  1. I liked DCeased a lot more but Contagion had some good moment. The endings were so different in terms of quality. DCeased was tragic but with hope & possibilities. I love to see them spin it off. With Contagion it was like “DCeased is done so why continue? Deus ex machina it!”

    • Yeah! I think DCeased was a good story. Contagion felt like a series that they made specifically for a Halloween tie in without stating it was a Halloween event. Or at least, the treatment of it felt like that.

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