Halloween has come and gone once again, meaning grocery shopping will be an issue this week as I’m a HUGE fan of Halloween candy.  The best houses for sugary goodness in my trick or treating days were the weird old lady who gave out full-size Snickers bars; the extremely creepy guy who invited kids into his dining room, where we found our candy on a plate, with a ghost sitting at the head of the table; and the cool old dude who gave out calaveras, little skulls made of sugar.  Of course, there were always the houses that gave out cinnamon hard candy (evil), black licorice (disgusting) and candy corn (evil AND disgusting), and these were homes that we all made sure to avoid as much as possible, which leads us to today’s polyunsaturated query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has, in my old age, lost my taste for Butterfingers, as they stick to my teeth for DAYS, asking: Which post-Halloween candy is the BEST in your eyes, and which is the WORST?


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