Though I entered comics fandom in the 1980s, one thing about that decades output always bothered me: All the damn vampires  All the new costumes.  Due to the printing limitations of Golden Age comic presses (and, let’s be honest, some Golden Age comic artists) hero costumes were designed for quick and easy identification, and seldom, if ever, changed.  Since the Reagan-era, “getting a new costume” is a common sales tactic, and most of the highest profile heroes have multiple different costume looks.  Worst of all, the ones I like are never the most popular: Superboy’s black t-shirt look, Spider-Man’s underarm-webbed red and black suit, even Steve Roger’s black costume as The Captain, all of which lead us to today’s out-of-uniform query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is happy to see that All-New All-Different Iron Man seems FINALLY to be getting away from that off-putting ape-looking faceplate, though, asking: What alternate costume is your unpopular favorite?


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  1. Alright, I need to explain how this works: One that I assume could be unpopular in the grand scheme of things is the whole Bandai’s Tamashii Nations Meisho Movie & Manga Realization figure line, where they make medieval samurai versions of Star Wars and Marvel characters. Those are great and often superior to originals. However, there’s only one issue of comic books of those, so I feel like I need to mention something that’s more established: Modern movie version of Storm Shadow costume is better for anything after year 1900 and I will fight you. Yes, ninja in year 2019 would totally use Adidas sneakers rather than straw sandals.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    There’s something about the headbanded Black Canary outfit from the 80s that appeals to me. Maybe it’s the swashbuckling flare-top boots. Definitely prefer it to the “classic” fishnets. Fishnets’re just trashy.

  3. Aquaman’s blue wave ‘camouflage’ costume from his miniseries in 1986. It has always been my favorite costume for him.

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