Separated from his friends and facing the evil 1940’s Jughead Jones, the current Jughead must confront himself in an all out battle save all of time and space! Oh yeah, its about to get timey-whimey up in here! JUGHEAD’S TIME POLICE #5 from Archie Comics!

Jughead's Time Police #5 ReviewJUGHEAD’S TIME POLICE #5

Writer:  Sina Grace
Artist:  Derek Charm
Colorist:  Matt Herms
Letterer:  Jack Morelli
Editor: Alex Segura, Vincent Lovallo
Release Date: October 30, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in JUGHEAD’S TIME POLICE: After Jughead was disqualified from a pie-baking contest, and summarily banned for life, he was understandably crushed. Crushed to the point he neglected everything else in his despair, including band practice with The Archies. But with the big Battle of the Bands coming up, he needed to get his head on straight. Instead of reassessing and moving on, he began to figure out a way to travel through time and change the past so that he won the pie contest. This involved him recruiting Dilton to help him make his theoretical time machine a reality. Surprisingly, he did, he actually create a working time machine. His use of said machine lead him to the attention of Time Deputy January “Jan” McAndrews, who told Jughead he had to come with her to the 29th Century so they could repair the timeline he affected. That would have been wild enough, but it turns out that Jan was in cahoots with the Jughead from the 1940’s time line, and he had convinced her that the current Jughead was evil and determined to do bad things. As it turns out, the 1940’s Jughead was actually jealous of all the other Jughead’s and wanted to live his best life as each and everyone of them, timelines be damned darned. To this end he used Jan’s admiration of the iconic Jughead to gain access to her time equipment, which enabled him to bring forth an army of Jughead’s from all the time lines to track down the current Jughead and make him… okay, I’m getting dizzy. Cut to the quick: Current Jughead was rescued by an older, apocalyptic Jughead who had watched his timeline disintegrate. With January thrown into a time warp by the 1940’s Jughead; current Jughead and apocalyptic Jughead face off with their foe and his army of Jugheads to save everywhen.


After having been tracked down by the evil Jughead and the Time Police, current Jughead and apocalypse Jughead find themselves surrounded by a vast variety of veritable villainous Jugheads whom are made up of some of the greatest Jugheads of all time! But while they take a stand to battle the ones who are taking advantage of the duped Time Police, January Jones is still floating in a Time Warp, and quickly is running out of air in her lungs. In a last ditch effort, she uses a time anchor to ground herself in 1492 Iberian Peninsula and get a breath before jumping to her own 29th Century. There, she materializes in the prison cell of the Time Thieves that 1940’s Jughead had freed earlier in our saga. Knowing that she need help, she proposes they team-up to take on the man who duped her and was responsible for getting them sent back to prison gain.

Meanwhile, the current Jughead and apocalyptic Jughead are facing off against such Jugheads as Werewolf Jughead, Captain Hero, Vampire Jughead, Lil’ Jughead 1970’s Jughead, Zombie Jughead and even the CW Riverdale Jughead. Even when Jan and the Time Thieves arrive to help, it all eventually comes down to a confrontation between current Jughead and his 1940 counterpart. Can Jughead beat Jughead, or will Jughead finally emerge triumphant?


I’ve got to say, even with all the odd, tradition breaking Archie titles which have been cropping up in the past few years, Sina Grace (The Walking Dead, Invincible) and Derek Charm’s (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Uncle Scrooge) virtual “Crisis of Infinite Jughead’s” has to be about the wildest and most out there. The idea is so preposterous it shouldn’t work but I swear on Pop’s Mighty Milkshake it does. It does and it makes you want more. The title is pure action throughout and a Jughead fan’s dream. You see so many variations of Jughead on panel it boggles the mind.  Instead of spending a lot of time explaining the how’s and whys of every little scene, Grace spends that time going gonzo and throwing the kitchen sink into the script. His CW Riverdale Jughead’s monologue alone is worth the price of admission. Nevertheless, the dangling plot lines could (should) lead to more wild stories that make it all worthwhile.

Derek Charm’s just a great artist. He has a very all-ages style, but can easily produce a more detailed look that is far from his regular work. Each Jughead in this issue is shown in the art style they originally appeared in, and it makes for a wild look when they all appear at one time. Great stuff/


Listen, this book isn’t the next great work of serious literature. It is a fun, enjoyable issue that will make you laugh and re-read it to catch all the different Easter eggs spread throughout. While the whole story is great, this issue ties it all up neatly and lays out some possible directions to return to. I just hope we don’t have to wait another 29 years to see the Time Police return.

Fun, fun, and more fun! JUGHEAD’S TIME POLICE #5 gives us a lot of visual explosions and a solid ending to an enjoyable series.

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Jughead's Time Police #5

Wild and Fun

Absolutely one of the wackiest and most enjoyable issues of the year!

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