Because of an accident during a K-Pop concert, Luna Snow has earned the respect of many people around the world. She is a prime candidate for the Agents of Atlas for Jimmy Woo but Mr. Lao speculates if she is reliable. Find out her origin story in Luna Snow #1 by Marvel!


Writer: Alyssa Wong
Artist: Gang Hyuk Lim
Colorist: Gang Hyuk Lim
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Publisher: Marvel
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: October 23rd, 2019

Previously in Future Fight Firsts: The Future Fight Firsts one-shots continues! This new series provides backstory to many of the Agent of Atlas heroes and gives fresh perspectives of those characters. Now we can find out how Luna Snow went from being the K-Pop star of 4L1T to superhero!


Jimmy Woo is setting up his Agents of Atlas Team and is trying to convince Mr. Lao about Luna Snow by showing him her first concert. Luna, or Seol Hee, has wanted to be a Korean Star from a very young age. After her parents passed, her Grandmother encouraged her to pursue her dreams. While she is very shy, her dance ability netted her a contact very early in her career. As she began training, she has found friends in Minni, Jessica, and Hae Won. This group has won the Idol Competition and become the hit K-pop group known as 4L1T. While they are having their debut performance at a Stark Industry Stage; their show is explosively interrupted. A.I.M.. led by the Joro Spider. is trying to get the cores from the Cold Fusion Reactor that powers the building. They are able to infiltrate the stadium by planting A.I.M. technology within some of the equipment purchased for the show and allows them to enter unnoticed. Taking the cores will cause huge collateral damage to the performers and the audience but that is the price A.I.M. is willing to pay. When Luna stands up to A.I.M., she is thrown into the Cold Fusion Reactor with the rest of her musical group. Instead of freezing to death, she was able to absorb the cold and was able to control ice and cold to push back A.I.M. from doing anymore harm. And thus Luna Snow. the superheroine, was born.


I contemplated this book for a long while. I enjoyed this story quite a bit and thought it was a fair origin story. Like the other one-shot origin stories, I thought that it could use more room to expand but I also felt that something was slightly off. Luna Snow has lost her parents and is supported by her Grandmother and she seems very happy and confident. Often when we see characters that have this foundation trope, we see that the main character struggle. Luna seems to channel that energy into perfecting her artform. As a musician and writer, I often have the unhealthy obsession with trying to perfect my craft. Luna doesn’t seem to have those struggles at all and her main setback seems to be a healthy amount of doubt. What ended up bothering me is that Luna Snow seems too perfect. She was able to control her powers pretty quickly and understood immediately what she needed to do to win the fight. She seems to have won the first competition she needed to follow her dream and has found comfort in her family. I wonder where you will place her personality weakness in future storylines.

The story itself was fairly well paced and I didn’t feel myself getting overwhelmed by information. While certain things felt fast, they didn’t necessarily feel rushed. Artistically, the art seemed pretty define. With dark lines contrasting against light colored background; you can see the characters very well. I also liked that each character of the band seemed to have a color scheme. While we don’t get to see the band interact very much, I wonder if the colors have a deeper meaning to the personalities of the band. I also appreciated having a strong female cast in all the main characters. Luna, her grandmother, and this Joro Spider were all female and were all in leadership positions. It is an interesting creative choice to see Luna Snow’s stage costume is rather skimpy and her superhero costume actually seems very practical. It is almost like Luna has three identities; Luna the stage performer, Luna Snow the hero, and Soel Hee the person. Perhaps we will see here is a balancing act of the three personas in future storylines. 


I believe in the potential of this character and I love seeing her being featured heavily in Agents of Atlas. With this foundation, there should be many great stories in the future. I really do love the attention Marvel is giving to their Asian and Asian-American characters and seeing them come together has been a pleasant experience. 4 out of 5 for Luna Snow #1 for me!

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Future Fight First: Luna Snow #1

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Luna doesn’t seem to have those struggles at all and her main setback seems to be a healthy amount of doubt. What ended up bothering me is that Luna Snow seems too perfect

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