Ah, Saturday.  The day when I can sleep in, theoretically, and where I can go to the nearby Casey’s General Store for some biscuits and gravy, or perhaps a breakfast pizza with a nice cup of coffee.  It’s actually the most breakfast that I have during the week, since I tend to have just a juice smoothie on weekdays and Sundays are dedicated to the process of creating cool stuff for my imaginary innernets friends.  Indeed, going all the way back to my days as a club DJ in the 1990s, I’ve had a thing for popping into a Love’s or a Pump N’ Pantry or a Gas N’ Sip and seeing what’s to eat, leading to today’s deep-fried, maple-glazed query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is also a fan of a breakfast burrito, especially one that has some nice peppers and onions and stuff that won’t play nice with my tummy, asking: What’s your fave-rave convenience store/gas station/fast food emergency breakfast?


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  1. We have a place here in PA called Sheetz. They have a breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese, bacon, and a hashbrown on it. I can feel my arteries clog as I eat it, but in a pinch it’s filling and pretty cheap.

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