Mary Medina is still hesitant to return to the mantle of Mystere but when an entity called The Blacksmith is around she may not have a choice. Will she don her suit and return to her previous life or will she be able to leave it all behind? Find out in Mystere #2 by Zenescope Entertainment.

MYSTERE #2 (OF 5): RUMORSMystere #2

Writer:  Ben Meares
Artist: Sergio Arino
Colorist:  Ceci de la Cruz
Letterer:  Carlos M. Manguel
Editor:  Kellie Supplee
Publisher:  Zenescope Entertainment
Cover Price:  $3.99
Release Date: October 9th, 2019

Previously in Mystere: Mary is working as a volunteer at a homeless shelter but wherever she goes, the undead follow. Finally able to rent her own place and live peacefully, one of the homeless people have gone missing and the calling back to Mystere to investigate is compelling.


Rumors of the Charlie’s murder is still hitting the streets and has been bothering Mystere. While she is serving the homeless, Adam Cobb attacks the mute John Doe and swears that he was given a letter. On John Doe’s chest there was a brand marked and it begins to concern Mary. Mary heads to a women known as Sybella about the mysterious Blacksmith and the odd recent events. Sybella reveals that she exorized Blacksmith and must not be him if it is a ghost. On the way home, Mary stops by to get something to eat until she notices Alan Cobb running and can hear the sounds of darkness coming from him. Right as the Blacksmith appears to kill Alan, Mary turns into Mystere to use her powers to save him. And she is excited!

I found myself excited to see Mary return into the mantle of Mystere. I love stories where people struggle with their identity but step into what they were meant to be. Mary has had a hard life and she hasn’t terribly seemed happy in this series. Something about her coming into that persona, the confidence of transforming into Mystere, and the ease she returns to that identity feels earned and powerful.


The art is so well drawn here. The last panel of Mystere charging at Blacksmith was very captivating to look at. In the scene, it is raining and you can see the raindrops falling down and landing is a great touch. There is something about rain that intensifies a scene and is a great technique to add drama to a given moment. Something I might apply to my own writing.

The book has returned to the theme of destiny. Mary was turning to run away from her alter ego and often when we explore this theme the hero reluctantly becomes the hero. In this story, Mystere felt right at home returning to the thrilling life of a hero. I loved the twist and it grips me to continue to read the storyline. 


Mystere has met my expectations and exceeded them. I think this is a must pick up every time there is a new release of the series. Four and a half stars for Mystere #2: Rumors.

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Mystere #2 (of 5): Rumors


In this story, Mystere felt right at home returning to the thrilling life of a hero. I loved the twist and it grips me to continue to read the storyline. 

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