Independent publisher Oneshi Press is proud to release the second issue of its gritty comic book series about the six stray stray dogs—and one stray man—who put crime under the fang! In PACK #2: Kindness, the PACK is back.

Written by award-winning author Lynsey G. and illustrated by renowned multimedia artist Jayel Draco, with lettering from industry stalwart Cardinal Rae and guest art from Erin Cooper and renamecard, PACK #2: Kindness tells the story of Kindness, a pit bull with a tragic past and a thirst for vengeance. Kindness is usually sweet, but his outbursts of extreme viciousness tell a tale of trauma, vengeance, and redemption. Once the beloved pet of a happy family, now this scarred survivor runs with the PACK, fighting crime on Brooklyn’s mean streets. Learn his story in the newest issue from this indie series!

“I’m so excited to see Kindness’s story out in the world,” says Oneshi Press co-founder and PACK writer Lynsey G. “Pit bulls suffer from discrimination against their breed, and sometimes that leads to truly dark situations. Their stories are important, and we’re ready to tell it”

This second issue of the PACK comic book series is now available in limited-edition paperback—along with issue 1, Humility—at the Oneshi Press online store. Issue 2 will soon be out in digital format from Spinwhiz and ComiXology, as well.

via Oneshi Press


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