It’s no secret: I truly dislike the modern interpretation of Hal Jordan.  In an attempt to make him young and dangerous, DC editorial has succeeded in making him an utterly unlikable jerkface idiot, overtaking Guy Gardner in the list of “Green Lanterns who desperately need a punchinnface.”  Still, he admittedly has his fans, many of whom clamored for his return after he was lost in the ‘Final Night’ crossover.  Of course, by the time he returned, replacement Lantern Kyle Rayner had made enough of a mark that his fans were furious at his replacement, while fans of John Stewart at least got to see him in action in the ‘Justice League’ cartoon, while Guy Gardner fans waited for him to outgrow his body-paint hand-morphing days, which leads to today’s brightest day question…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has a clear favorite which is in no way totally betrayed by today’s MS-QOTD image, asking: Which Lantern is the best Lantern in your eyes?


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  1. I’m a Kyle Rayner guy. His creativity, compassion, and sense of humor are more than enough to endear me to the character, and the fact that he also makes pro wrestling and anime references pushes him over the top to be easily one of my top five superheroes in general. That’s on top of all the work he did to bring the Green Lantern Corp back and even revive and redeem Hal Jorden. And despite that one terrible event at the beginning his original solo run was really good in my opinion.

  2. Jonathan Cadotte on

    I’m definitely a Kyle fan. His run coincides with my introduction into comics so there’s some nostalgia going on. But I legitimately enjoy his character and how he’s used within the “lantern mythos”.

    Jessica Cruz has also been a fun addition to the corps and I’m very excited to see Sojourner in Far Sector

  3. My first experience with any Green Lantern was in the 90s during Kyle Rayner’s tenure. I’m always going to like Kyle the best, but I really like a lot of the other Lanterns too. They all have their own quirks and nuance. I mean the real answer should be Kilowog, but I’m sticking with Kyle.

    For me I guess it’s kind of like how the first experience I had with MST3K was some of the later seasons with Mike Nelson. I’ve gone back and watched all of Joel’s stuff, which is great, but I still have my nostalgic preference.

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