Captain Marvel’s quick check on a gathering of aliens takes a bad turn when she is captured and finds herself a prisoner in the pocket dimension inside a Flerkin’s mouth! Will she escape, or is it a virtual din-din end for our hero? Find out in MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #2, in stores September 18th from IDW Publishing!

Marvel Action Captain Marvel #2 ReviewMARVEL ACTION – CAPTAIN MARVEL #2

Writer:  Sam Maggs
Artist:   Sweeney Boo
Colorist:  Brittany Peer
Letterer:  Christa Miesner
Editor:  Megan Brown, Bobby Curnow
Publisher:  IDW Publishing
Cover Price:  $3.99
Release Date:  September 18, 2019

Previously in Marvel Adventures – Captain Marvel: A quiet night watching horror movies with her bestie Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, took a turn for the weird when news reports began to come in that hordes of cats were gathering in the downtown area. Rushing off to investigate, Carol discovers there is a connection with the Flerkin race, one which puts everyone in danger. But when she falls victim to the age old mistake of not watching her back, she is stuck in a situation that might be harder to get out of than getting a cat to walk on a leash.


We find Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, trapped inside the picket dimension/mouth of an alien Flerkin. Using her strength, she is the strongest Avenger after all, she breaks free of the tentacles which bound her and begins to look for a way out. A few moments of wandering later and she relies that she can follow the tentacles back to their source and blast her way out. It works, but not exactly how she expected. Instead of being deposited back in New York surrounded by alien house cats, she finds herself on an alien ship surrounded by uniformed, uninterested alien house cats. She wanders the ship using her universal translator to find information which may be useful along the way. Finding that she is a LONG way from home, be makes a bee line to the nearest hanger bay and is determined to find her way to a ship and back to Earth. The disinterest of her alien captors begins to bother her, and a few well-placed power blasts later and she discovers… they still aren’t interested. Oh, but look! A hole in the wall they are not interested in either! That’s interesting! Before long, Carol uncovers the intent behind the Flerkin invasion and by the end of the issue gains a shocking surprise!


The Marvel Action line is a series of all-ages books from IDW which feature some of the most popular Marvel characters in adventures anyone can enjoy, and enjoy you will. This latest entry has been the crème of the crop among a number of excellent titles and you need little prior knowledge to enjoy it.

Writer Sam Maggs (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Invader Zim) does not have a long resume of comic titles under her belt, but I think that should change pretty quickly. Her Carol is not a copy of the movie Carol, and not a copy of the comic Carol, but instead is an enjoyable characters who seems to be a smart blending of the characters. Maggs runs this wonderful internal dialogue with the characters that is funny without being slap stick but instead enjoys a good dose of irony and outlandishness. The whole storyline has been like that, and the interactions between Captain Marvel and her alien enemy continues the enjoyment. Also, that last page? TOTALLY not expecting! Bravo!

The art by Sweeney Boo (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Rat Queens) is great as well. They have a style which really is all-ages friendly, when they want it to be. Here, it is obvious that all-ages was the way to go. I really like the consistency with anatomy and action, as there is not a lot of awkward posing or such. Additionally the backgrounds, with the tech and pocket dimensions, are great and there is a solid base on which you can enjoy the story. Colorist Brittany Peer (Misfit City, Jonesy) gives us a bright and vibrant color pallet that just ties it all together and makes it pop! Can we just have an ongoing Sam Maggs/Sweeney Boo/Brittany Peer title on something after this series is done? Appreciate it.


The Marvel Action imprint are giving us some of the best Marvel Comics currently on the shelves. Being all-ages, they are easy to get into and enjoy, but achieving that is not as easy. It takes skill to bring a quality product that does not talk down to the reader but instead just delivers the story in the best way possible. I would love to know how many of these Marvel Action titles have ushered in permanent readers to the Marvel and IDW publishing lines.  All that said, this title is easily one of the best, and a must buy for fans of Captain Marvel, cats, and even just good comics in general.

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #2 is a fun comic which will draw you in like a purring kitten, and then hold your attention like a tentacle from a cute and fuzzy alien monstrosity.

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Marvel Action - Captain Marvel #2

The Cat's Meow

MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #2 is a great title that can be enjoyed by all, and looks one you can give that friend that wants an easy in to the comic universe.

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