This week, we get to see the return of the pre-Flashpoint Wally West to action after the events of ‘Heroes In Crisis’, which posited that loss and trauma turned him into a multiple murderer, who then went on to cover up his crimes and nearly get more people killed.  It is, in my opinion, not a good story and the handling of Wally is such that I barely recognize him.  It’s not the first time that a character’s return made me with they weren’t back at all (I am a Legion of Super-Heroes fan, after all), but it does lead us to today’s unrecognizable query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is still disappointed about the triumphant return of Matter-Eater Lad under Johns, only to have him immediately buried by Levitz, asking: What character’s rebirth/resurrection was so mishandled that you almost wish they weren’t back at all?


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  1. Every version of the Legion after 5YL.
    Now we are going into v5?
    Many times hero groups change line ups.
    As far as I know the Legion is the biggest team with the most reboots.
    Which is ironic as they stayed true to the history right up to zero hour,tears after COIE altered everything else DC.

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