Not once, but TWICE in the last few weeks, Marvel Comics has given a high-profile role to Night Thrasher, once the leader of The New Warriors, who was plucked out of time and space by The Collector seconds before his death in ‘Civil War.’  Even though he debuted in 1989, he’ll always be from the 90s in all the ways that matter, with lots of grimdark realism and teeth-gritting and such, but done in a way that isn’t as annoying.  In fact, his return made me happier than any since Namorita’s, proving that I’m the last living New Warriors fan, and leading us to today’s retro query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is pretty sure that both Jean-Paul Valley and Kyle Rayner are already back, so maybe it’s time for a big Jack Flag renaissance, asking: What character from the 90s do you most want to see make a big comeback?


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  1. It wasn’t easy to think of someone I’d care enough about and not already brought back one way or another. Blink is still dead, right?

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