In honor of ‘Steven Universe: The Movie’, which I’ve spent like six months on tenterhooks waiting to see, today’s MS-QOTD is all about our favorite alien/human hybrid.  (Sorry, Carol Danvers.  And Jon Kent.  And Barf the Mawg.  Man, there are a lotta half-aliens around, huh?)  I’ve had a couple of really dumb arguments about whether The Crystal Gems count as superheroes (They do and don’t @ me about it) but none have ever been as divisive as the question of which is the BEST Crystal Gem.  Would it be the shape-shifting Amethyst, with her enhanced quartz durability?  The graceful Pearl, who has studied the combat styles of a dozen different worlds?  Garnet, combining the future vision, tenacity and a great head of hair into one package?  Heck, even our man Steven himself is a contender, leading to today’s polymorphic sentient query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) leans towards Garnet, partly because wonderful accent, partly because kicking of butts, but mostly because her visor is the coolest, asking: Which of Earth’s protectors is the BEST Crystal Gem?


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