It’s Emily Anderson’s special day. She is about to marry a great guy, her family has money and she is walking down the aisle wearing an unbelievably expensive necklace… or is she? Is it wedding bells I hear or shotgun shells? From Action Lab comes GOING TO THE CHAPEL #1, gathers at your local comic store September 4th!

Going to the Chapel #1 ReviewGOING TO THE CHAPEL #1

Writer:  David Peopse
Artist:  Gavin Guidry
Colorist:  Liz Kramer
Letterer:  Ariana Maher, Colin Bell
Editor:  Nicole D’Andria
Publisher:  Action Lab – Danger Zone
Cover Price:  $3.99
Release Date:  September 4, 2019

Previously in GOING TO THE CHAPEL: Emily Anderson is about to get married, but her family is not making a stressful day any less stressful. Is she doing the right thing?  Jesse Moore is the man marrying her, and even during his last hurrah as a free man, she’s all her can think about. Those guys in the Elvis masks? Oh, they are just about to make it the most memorable wedding day ever!


Getting married is a big step, and you know what they say, what that last step. Emily Anderson is having second, or third, thoughts about her upcoming nuptials to Jesse Moore, a successful architect who loves her madly. Sitting in the bathroom while the rest of her family goes through her wedding day preparations as if they were the center of attention, she wonders if this is really what she wants to do. Should she really be as nervous as she feels, or is it her subconscious warning her she could be making a mistake? Her father is terrorizing the supplier of doves (a thousand, to be releases at the wedding), her mother is fantasizing about the help (just looking) and her grandmother is promoting a budding pyro enthusiast. Meanwhile her sister seems to be the only one who realizes that there is a problem but honestly seems to have trouble actually caring. Emily just wonders, is Jesse really the one?

Meanwhile, Jesse is out with friends at his bachelor party. It seems to be a tame affair at a bar, just a few friends and a priest. Unlike Emily, he seems to have a calm about him. He is even working on a new project as he drinks his beer. So when the news report comes on and his wife is mentioned, it’s no big thing. Seems she is going to be wearing a 250 million dollar sapphire necklace when she walks down the aisle. No big thing, just a little something blue. That, however, does get the attention of Tom. Seems Tom is an architects of sorts himself, just not of buildings.

So the big day arrives. The family is all gathered, the music begins, and the ceremony is in full swing. Oh, look, here comes a band of Elvis mask wearing, shotgun toting, bank robbers. Wonder if they should be sat on the groom or bride’s side?


Hot on the heels of his last amazing series, David Pepose (Spencer & Locke, Spencer & Locke 2) is not letting any grass grow beneath his feet. While the Spencer & Locke titles were very cerebral and nostalgic, this series goes in a slightly different direction. It honestly feels like The Runaway Bride meets Reservoir Dogs, a comparison which is meant in the most complementary way. Anyone who has gotten as close to the altar as Emily does can sympathize with her feelings. Marriage is the biggest step most people could take, her feelings of doubt are certainly familiar. As is also Jesse’s feeling of certainty. The drama comes as much from the will she/won’t she of the wedding as it does from the entrance of the Bad Elvis Gang. This issue quickly goes from a rom-com in the making to a heist tale in a matter of moments. Pepose has the ability to write a cinematic experience with enough skill to bring it off on a two-dimensional page and here it pays off in spades.

Artist Gavin Guidry (Heartthrob Season Two) uses his skill to bring that cinematic experience to life from Pepose’s script. From capturing the nature of the bride’s pre-wedding prep to the action of a heist which quickly goes sideways, his art is consistent and enjoyable. Dynamic camera angels bring the action to life, and I’m looking forward to the carnage in the future.


GOING TO THE CHAPEL #1 has the makings of a great series. You have a female heroine, a loving hero, villains with a striking look, and a two hundred and fifty million dollar prize. The narrative curve balls are thrown in a way that it takes you off guard, and just adds to your expectations.

GOING TO THE CHAPEL #1 is that summer action packed crime story you didn’t realize you were waiting for.

Going to the Chapel #1

Great Opener

The tension is oozing from the page even as you start trying to figure out the lines of attack. Go find you a copy and enjoy.

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