The Morrigan lives again in Winona. Fey Colony is home to her last believers. Will they, with Winona, be able to hold back the forces of Brigid the Sun Goddess? Find out in She Said Destroy #4!

She Said Destroy #4 ReviewSHE SAID DESTROY #4

Writer: Joe Corallo
Artist: Liana Kangas
Colorist: Rebecca Nalty
Letterer: Melanie Ujimori
Editor: Adrian F. Wassel
Publisher: Vault Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 28, 2019

Previously in She Said Destroy: Brigid, the Sun Goddess is focused on having her people take away all The Morrigan’s followers, one way or another. They can choose to die, or they can convert and worship her. Once those followers are all gone, The Morrigan will be forgotten. In Fey, we learn that Iris has been manipulating Winona, hoping to get visions through her that will tell them what to do. Iris is faithful, but not a leader by her own wisdom. Brigid’s Light Knights attack in Fey; Raul turns and fights them, and suddenly this supposed mission of conversion is a slaughter. Winona is drawn away from all of this, toward The Morrigan.


She Said Destroy #4 is pretty powerful and thoughtful stuff. Faith and doubt go hand in hand, each challenging the other. On Fey, Commander Vrixton orders her troops to give the people of Fey Colony the opportunity to convert. In her head, she hears Brigid suggest that this is not enough. What more does the goddess want? She wants to take Vrixton’s body so she can be there in person. She did this for a short period of time to breach the barrier, and it was a physically painful experience. Nevertheless, Vrixton is faithful.

This parallels Winona’s experience. She has welcomed The Morrigan within her, and suddenly she is able to understand all the fairies that float around her like fireflies. They tell Winona that Brigid took the other witches, and they can lead her to them. Winona also sees flashbacks to memories that may not even be hers. Iris had chosen her as their savior when she was an infant and took her away from her mother. This puts a whole new slant on Iris and just how manipulative she is. At the same time, Raul and some of the other witches are losing faith in Iris’ governance and her unwillingness to attack.

Gareth, one of Brigid’s men, is likewise impatient. He goes off to get permission to destroy the place as Winona arrives, channels the power of The Morrigan, and kills the guards. Brigid finds the downed men, and, through Vrixton, uses her power to raise them. Winona reaches her people, is recognized as The Morrigan, and breaks them out to flee to the forest. Brigid’s skeletal warriors confront them – The Morrigan cannot touch them; they no longer have souls, so they cannot be taken to her domain. But The Morrigan’s touch on Winona is light; Winona brings them to a stalemate, which sets up for a battle between the two avatars – Winona and Vrixton.


I do like the art of She Said Destroy #4. One of challenges in it is presenting Brigid and The Morrigan not as they’ve appeared so far but inhabiting the bodies of their respective chosen. There is more play with color; their lettering is different; even their body language changes so even we get the feeling that they are changed.

I like the revelation that the fairies have a voice and have a purpose. They cloud around Winona, which is lovely. But if one pays attention, one sees them showing up just before Winona does. The scenes with Winona and The Morrigan are very pretty indeed, traditional and futuristic blended into a mystical whole.


I’ve enjoyed seeing the story unfold in She Said Destroy #4. The story is timeless; setting it in the far future emphasizes this. Issues of faith and doubt are strongly associated with religion, which is also the backdrop here, but I think they’re broader than that. The decisions made on the edge between them are intensely interesting.

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She Said Destroy #4

Thoughtful and Exciting

Issues of faith and doubt, life and death, survival and sacrifice meet head to head.

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