A civil war story that is led by a strong protagonist, engaging art, and fate led by the stars. Find out if Sera can help bring peace to both her kingdom and her visions in Sera and the Royal Stars #2.


Writer: Jon Tsuei
Artist: Audrey Mok
Colorist: Raul Angulo
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Editor: Adrian Wassel
Publisher: Vault Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 28th, 2019

Previously in Sera and the Royal Stars: The Empire of Parsa is in shambles due to Civil War and Sera is having visions and dreams about finding the Royal Stars and disobeys her family to head east and to find the Bull. Finding a temple she frees an Old Man that seems to be one of the Royal Stars.


Sera and the Royal Stars #2 opens up with Sera and the “Old Bull” fighting a battle with a group of raging lizardfolk. After a quick and decisive battle, the “Old Bull” reveals himself to be Aldebaran, a royal star. Aldebaran reveals that they are in the Temple to the Stars, an old religion. Aldebaran and Sera seem to astral project to the stars where they look at the constellation. Sera looks around and notices that the Scorpion constellation is lost, the first is trapped in darkness, and the lion is nowhere to be found. However, in this astral form someone else is watching the interaction causing Aldebaran to return to their bodies. After heading on the road to Setareh, Aldebaran reveals that he knows Sera’s mother but doesn’t know what happened to her.

Upon returning home, they find the wall in shambles and quickly ambushed by Sera’s cousin. Sera and Aldebaran decide to surrender peacefully so they can see Sera’s uncle, “King” Shaheen. For a brief moment, we are cut to another scene of two people in purple robes talking to a lizardfolk who is informing them of their failure at the temple of the stars. Back at Setareh, Sera’s family is revealed to be safe and Sera is able to take a sword and point it at the King. During this heated moment, a scorpion appears and transforms into another royal star. An agreement is struck that the Old Bull will help with the famine and Sera and the two royal stars can walk free. Sera receives a note from someone named Zand to head north.


The first thing you notice is how beautiful this book is. The art is extremely captivating and well done. The art is your first impression and it grabbed me. The colors of the background set up a strong foundation for a good story. There are a lot of great themes coming forward as well from a strong female protagonist. The focus of the themes is one about fate and choice. I can see that Sera wants to be with her family but fate is pulling her to this larger quests for the Royal Stars. This is a theme I have seen done many times and therefore needs its own twist to the story. The twist here is the magic of the stars and what these “royal stars” represent. Both Bull and Scorpion (or Taurus and Scorpio) seem to be great characters and you want to see the entire zodiac come together. It also helps that the story is just simply well told.


I loved this book. I loved fantasy themes and strong heroes. I loved stories that are based on real life myths like the zodiac. I loved the idea of fate versus choice because that is often a question I wonder. I would highly recommend this book.

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