Ever since 1961, the Legion Of Super-Heroes member born Lar Gand has been making his way through the DCU, fighting evil and reminding us that Nehru jackets always look cool.  Initially given his codename of Mon-El because he landed on Earth on Monday, “Superboy’s big brother” has been very useful for the LSH, standing in for the Boy of Steel on a number of occasions, including taking his role as inspirtation for the team in the altered post-Crisis reality.  He has the full range of Kryptonian powers without that pesky Kryptonite problem, he has experienced centuries of time that make him either incredibly wise or psychologically unstable…  but is he any good?  That’s where you, the Spoilerites come in, with today’s invulnerable query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will always stand by my Mon, even the douchey TV dude-bro version, asking: Mon-El: Yay or Nay?


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  1. Always prefer him to Superboy. Clark is only interesting when he’s old and experienced enough to be a grown, complete man of his own.

  2. I don’t think they ever have really examined the impacts of the 1000 years in the zone. What did he do? Learn? Go (distance seemed to mean nothing in the zone)? How did he spend all that time?

  3. Mon-el proved time after time to be a great Legionnaire .
    Why all the changes to his history etc over time I didn’t want or understand why.
    And that was suppose to be easier than the Multiverse?Changing histories???

  4. Big Mon-El fan. I wish we could have got the “Great Darkness Saga” Mon-El on the Supergirl TV show.

    Someone has already said it but his time in the Phantom Zone and its effects on him should have had some psychological fallout that might make for a cool quirk with the character.

    Didn’t read any of the versions of the Legion or his own book where he was the Legion’s inspiration but I kind of like the idea. With relaunches retcons etc. etc. I’d love to have the Legion distanced from its origins being tied to Clark.

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