Black Science is about to come to an end in a couple of issues but not before it touches at our heartstrings and remind us that decisions matter. Come find out what decisions Grant McKay decides in Black Science #42.


Writer: Rick RemenderBLACK SCIENCE #42 CVR A SCALERA (MR)
Artist: Matteo Scalera
Colorist: Moreno Dinisio
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Editor: Briah Skelly
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 28th, 2019

Previously in Black Science: Grant McKay’s began a journey to test a device known as the Pillar. This device led him to an adventure through the multiverse that was slowly crumbling around him. The antagonist Kadir has managed to save reality but turned it into a perfect place with himself on the top. McKay must then try and figure out if he wants to try to return the world to what it was or to live in a world that isn’t the reality he is from.


The story starts with a very vivid opening image of a tree. One side of the tree is burning and the other is flourishing under the sun. The next image is equally as vivid with Grant McKay holding a weapon on Kadir and is about to fire. Here is where we are presented with a decision: will Grant put the weapon down or fire? The issue shows us what could happen during both scenarios. In one scenario he fires his gun and Chandra, Kadir’s second in command, jumps in front of the gun to take the shot killing her instantly. The other is if he put the gun down and go back to his life.

In the first scenario, Grant McKay is on the run after the murder of Chandra. The scene switches to Grant wife, Sarah, and his daughter, Pia who are attacked by an appliance while planning Pia’s wedding. Grant slams his car into their house and rescues them and begins to look for his son, Nate. On the way to Nate, Pia is able to override the car before the technology is taken over by the cops. Nate is found flirting with a girl at his school but finds himself on the run from the police. Grant drives in to the rescue in the last minute and they continue their getaway. The last scene is Kadir saying that Grant McKay and his family must be killed.

In the second reality, Grant McKay returns to work and falls behind after his meeting with Kadir. He returns home to a loving wife, and a neighbor who ruined the “surprise” part of his surprise birthday party the next day. Grant and Sarah then share a glass of wine and begin to get intimate.


Writing multiple realities is difficult. Not only does each plot have to be well written and unique but the reader must be able to follow it. This book did a fantastic job keeping me on top of the story. I have had Black Science as a series on my radar for a few years now but never sat down to read it. Knowing that the series only has one issue left after this one, I figured it was now or never to jump on board. With my luck, I came to a reality-multiverse book that goes back and forth between ideas with characters I wasn’t familiar with. Yet I had a strong understanding of the plot with the first read through and knew who was who by the second. It is an impressive feat to be able to allow a new reader to come in and get right into the story.

I really like the theme of impactful choice here. We always see the trope that one decision can change the course of your life and Remender does a masterful job putting out that theme in comic book form. 


I saw the cover and revealed a very pointed nose character and I was unsure if I would enjoy the art. The characters have very pointed features across the board that I admit didn’t really appeal to me at first glance. However, I think in the midst of the rest of the art it worked out really well. The full page spreads are beautiful and dynamic and you can see the emotions on everyone’s face. When Grant McKay is holding his gun you can see the clenched jaw line that really had an impact on the intensity of the scene.


This is a strong recommendation from me for any reader. Even if you are unfamiliar with the title I think you will find this story enjoyable. Enjoy the artwork, the master writing, and the themes in Black Science #42.

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Black Science

Ambitious Story

We always see the trope that one decision can change the course of your life and Remender does a masterful job putting out that theme in comic book form. 

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