Since my college daus in the 90s, I have been of the opinion that the adventures of Morpheus the Sandman are best absorbed in the trade paperback collections, with ‘Brief Lives’ and ‘Worlds’ End’ as the best of the bunch.  Of course, I’ve had the same experience in other venues: I can’t stand to watch one episode of ‘Firefly’, choosing to occasionally catch the marathon viewings when it moves to a new home in syndication, or off our DVD collection.  When it comes to music, I have the entirety of the Moody Blues ‘Days Of Future Passed’ album in my digital music collection as one large file, and prefer to listen to all of it, if I can, leading us to today’s compilation query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) could never stand to watch ’24’ one hour at a time, instead preferring two or three in a row, if only to remind me how long Jack Bauer goes without a restroom break, asking: Which of your favorite pop culture experiences do you prefer in collected format?


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Once upon a time, there was a young nerd from the Midwest, who loved Matter-Eater Lad and the McKenzie Brothers... If pop culture were a maze, Matthew would be the Minotaur at its center. Were it a mall, he'd be the Food Court. Were it a parking lot, he’d be the distant Cart Corral where the weird kids gather to smoke, but that’s not important right now... Matthew enjoys body surfing (so long as the bodies are fresh), writing in the third person, and dark-eyed women. Amongst his weaponry are such diverse elements as: Fear! Surprise! Ruthless efficiency! An almost fanatical devotion to pop culture! And a nice red uniform.

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  1. Almost every one of them. Only thing I watch week to week now are short animations. They are perfect to watch while eating dinner.

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