I’ve been watching ‘The Boys’ on Amazon (A+ cast, B – material and still some weird gender dynamics) and I’m fascinated by the use of musical point of reference for character development.  Hughie (no longer Wee, sadly) loves Billy Joel, while Butcher has a long riff about a surprising pop act that helps to not only define him but the dynamics of the protagonist “team”.  It’s reminiscent of the days when Beavis and Butthead had metal t-shirts, while weirdo kid-next-door Stewart sported one for ‘Winger’.  Hell, the 80s Baby Boomer media made a cottage industry of telling us that Motown was the only music that did or would ever matter and that character-defining music was incredibly important for some reason, leading to today’s metatextual query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will always remember the moment in the first season of ‘The Real World’ where the resident rocker worried that his band would be considered like “the &$@#ing Monkees”, though not fondly, asking: What’s the BEST use of character-defining music in your favorite TV or movies?


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