Huge amounts of money shifting hands and the death of a fellow journalist – is there a sinister plot beneath it all? Find out in Lois Lane #2!

Lois Lane #2 ReviewLOIS LANE #2

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
Colorist: Paul Mounts
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Editor: Mike Cotton
Publisher: DC Comics

Cover Price: 43.99
Release Date: August 7, 2019

Previously in Lois Lane: Lois is holed up in a hotel in Chicago, listening to the news and writing a story. Perry White has concerns about her sources, and also drops the word about a Russian reporter Lois knows (Mariska Voronova) who, at least officially, has killed herself. She just happened to be critical of the government. Later that evening, Lois meets with a shadowy person and asks them to bring her Voronova’s case notes. Lois herself is in the news – someone got a picture of her kissing Superman. In Moscow, a group of men search for Mariska’s notes, get beat up by the shadowy figure we saw before who found her notes already. Cut to a White House press conference where Lois asks about multi-million dollar payments made in exchange for contracts, including those for building camps for children separated from their parents, which gets her credentials revoked.


Lois Lane #2 opens on daytime television, where the triangle of Lois/Clark/Superman is what everyone is talking about, and Lois isn’t coming off too well. Being rude as a reporter? Kissing Superman while married to Clark Kent? Having the nerve to be famous while female? This is apt commentary on the present, where gossip can easily be conflated with news. Alejandra, who is cleaning Lois’ room, doesn’t see how she can stand to have this on in the background, which deftly flashes us to a discussion with Clark about the same thing, and how they both tune it out, as painful as it can be, because it’s either that or give in/give up. And maybe, just maybe, telling the truth is worth it.

The story cuts to Moscow. A drunk with a bottle, a guy standing guard, an apartment sealed off with crime scene tape. It is but the work of a moment for the drunk to knock out the guard, let herself into the apartment, see the shambles it is in, and know it wasn’t a suicide.

And who is this versatile confederate? None other than Renee Montoya, and I love her so much. She comes back from her trip and meets to talk with Lois, and to see these two strong-headed women come together, each looking at this from their own angle (police vs. reporter), but realizing they have the same goal. It’s a brilliant pairing. They want to find out who is behind it all, starting out by following the money.

Speaking of money, Lois next ambushes Mister Agger, of an investment firm, one of the people who’s on Lois’ list of people skimming money earmarked for government programs. He won’t comment, and even threatens her, but she doesn’t back down. He agrees to meet her later, somewhere more private.  Shortly after this, Lois gets a call from Perry. After giving her a hard time about her spelling, they get more serious. The latest report he sent to the White House could not get credentials. Even in a democracy, the Fourth Estate is crucial. This theme of speaking truth to power is so very important and so very topical.

Agger arranges to meet Lois at a restaurant. She goes, and she brings Montoya as backup. While Renee hangs out at the bar, Lois is whisked off to a private room. Renee spots the guy with a gun, and things go down fast. Agger is dead – and Lois doesn’t know which of them was the target.


The art in Lois Lane #2 is sometimes moody, sometimes gritty, and sometimes holds up a mirror to our own world. I love the contrast between the vacuous talking heads on television, and the fierce concentration of Lois. Much of news may be taken as just another form of entertainment, but there are still journalists out there for whom it is their life’s work, sometimes literally.

So much of this story takes place in cities, and they are full of life and detail. I like the contrast between day and night, and I love the deep shadows and strong lines that give the action scenes a down-to-earth feeling. This is some solid street-level action here, where smarts are just as important as brawn, if not moreso.


As the story in Lois Lane #2 evolves, we start making more connections. This has the feel of a thriller when you’re teetering on the edge, just realizing how far down this mystery goes. This one looks like it goes a long way down, and that could be a heavy drop for someone.

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Lois Lane #2

Modern Noir

Speaking truth to power has never looks so dangerous.

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