Among the most impressive feats of Disney’s 2012 video-game love-letter ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ (other than getting so many real video game characters to cameo) came in the clever details of the titular character’s own home game.  As an old guy who played in many an early-80s arcade, there was an authenticity to Ralph’s world that really sold the movie’s concept, but the most fascinating bit of all was in the magic hammer of Fix-It Felix, Jr.  It’s ability to “fix” anything, regardless of logic or physics, may be the most impressive super-power of all time, right up there with time-travel and eating all matter.  I can’t think of a cooler video game ability, but luckily you Faithful Spoilerites know more than me, which leads into today’s pixelated query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also wouldn’t mind Niko Belic’s abilty to suddenly have any item that he owns materialize in his hands, although that may be more of programming limitation than a power, asking: If you could have any one video game power or related ability, which one would you choose and why?


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    I could be great to be The Prince from Katamari Damacy. He’s strong enough to move objects of any size and stick them together, as long as they are rolled in a ball, ranging from thumbtacks to planets. It means that he can also travel huge distances in minutes.

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