Once upon a time, I had the occasion to stop and eat at a restaurant that is nothing more than a legend on my home turf, the legendary ‘In-N-Out Burger’.  The food was okay, and nobody chose to order off the Secret Menu, but now my daughter insists that *she* has to visit one during every vacation trip to Arizona, to keep things fair.  Of course, back in the long ago days when there was a White Castle somewhere in Missouri, several of my cohorts made the long journey to enjoy their steamed comestibles for reasons I don’t quite understand.  Indeed, while there are few restaurants that I love enough to want to journey long distances to enjoy their food, I am lucky enough to have Sonic Drive-Ins within driving distance, which leads us to today’s easily digested query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) at least appreciates that they made a pretty funny movie about White Castle that revitalized Neil Patrick Harris’ career, so that’s cool, asking: What legendary regional delicacies do you most wish were available in your area?


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  1. Roy Rogers hamburgers. We stopped at Roy Rogers for lunch once on every long trip when I was a kid, and I loved them — luscious, juicy, sinfully delightful…yummmmm…. Alas they don’t exist anywhere near me. That’s probably just as well, as the current reality is unlikely to live up to the golden memory…

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